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Best Bars and Cafe in Yazd | Travel Guide

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Cafes in Yazd are places to relax, enjoy the historical buildings and structures of the past and also admire the traditional desert designs in the land of Iran.

Indeed, coffee shops are cozy or lively corners that we use to relax and enjoy the moments with drinks and appetizers. But what kind of food to eat or drink we order or what kind of environment we like, and who we want to go to the cafe with, it all depends on our tastes and feelings. In general, a good cafe, with a clean, healthy, and hearty atmosphere, keeps every customer satisfied. Here we take a look at the list of the best cafes in Yazd:

Yazd Art House Cafe

If you want to go to a cafe with excellent drinks and food, an attractive space, a traditional gallery, and a dining experience on the roof, be sure to choose the Yazd art house cafe.

This exceptional cafe in Yazd is located in an old building belonging to the Qajar period (dynasty era). So, Yazd art house has everything in one place. Also, on the first floor of the café, you will see a fantastic art gallery with a variety of native Yazd handicrafts that you can buy as souvenirs.

Besides, in the gallery, you will get familiar with the people’s life in Yazd. By the way, there is a cafe on the roof of the building and it definitely has an astonishing view and creates a great feeling especially at night. The presence of traditional beds for sitting and the view of the beautiful houses of Yazd is so pleasant that you do not want to leave. Also, you can enjoy a variety of delicious food and drinks there. 

Cafe Nardoon

One of the most irresistible coffee shops in Yazd is cafe Nardoon, which welcomes local guests and tourists with a traditional yet stylish environment.

This charming cafe is one of the main places that tourists choose and create an interesting memory there. In Nardoon, you can eighter sit inside the cafe or choose the beds on the roof instead and eat your food with a wonderful view of Yazd architecture.

Above all, the design and decorations of this cafe are very impressive. In the traditional Nardoon cafe in Yazd, you can have a variety of delicious food and traditional drinks and enjoy their unique taste.

Cafe Travel

Intimae cafe Travel is located in the Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd, facing Fahadan hotel. It is one of the well-known coffee shops in the city favored by locals and especially foreign tourists. In addition, they serve some Persian and international dishes as well as desserts and snacks. But breakfast and brunch are more recommended at Cafe Travel. Even if you don’t order food, just a cup of tasty coffee here would delight your day.

This cafe is located near Alexander’s prison and has a beautiful view of the surroundings. Therefore, tourists can enjoy their moments in the sitting area outside the cafe at different times of the day.

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Emarat Vakil Restaurant

Emarat Vakil includes four restaurants, a cafe, a teahouse, and catering which operates in a multi-story building. The place has a gorgeous chic façade.

This very prestigious building has several floors and includes a delivery-only restaurant, Saam self-service restaurant, Saaz restaurant (Iranian), Sarir restaurant (Mediterranean & Arabic), Caesar restaurant (International & Italian), Saraan teahouse, and roof garden cafe (Sali).

Upon entering the Vakil mansion, you will encounter a different mood, and with its extraordinary decorations, this restaurant and cafe are among of the most luxurious places in Yazd. Also, Sali roof garden cafe is located on the rooftop of the complex with an excellent view.

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Taak Cafe

Taak (means wine grape) restaurant cafe opened in 2008 on west Paknejad boulevard. This establishment has two Persian and foreign menus. And a variety of fast-foods such as pizza, fried, also, delicious cakes and desserts, hot and cold drinks, and unique appetizers. You should expect a special modern environment for this cafe. 

The possibility of telephone reservation, free internet, and group or closed reservation (only during the day until 5 pm) are among the features of this place.

Besides, Taak Yazd restaurant cafe is located near different attractions such as Dolat Abad garden and hotels like Zanbagh hotel in Yazd. For this reason, also the place has become very popular mostly among tourists.

Venice Cafe

Venice cafe is a small and lovely place in Yazd. So, its intimate and pleasant environment has made many people eager to try its choices.

This cafe specializes in serving all kinds of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, different types of juices, and so on. In general, it is the best place to have an attractive and quality drink. Also, the Venice cafe can be a great hangout for dinners and friendly appointments, plus inviting tourists to a hot and delicious coffee.

Indeed, the wooden decoration, special space, and welcoming and friendly are other aspects of this place. Besides, this cafe has easy access for Yazd sightseeing, which has tempted many locals and also passionate tourists, taste their drinks after enjoying historical attractions.

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Laleh Hotel Coffee Shop

Laleh hotel is located on Basij boulevard in Yazd, next to the historic Golshan Ab Anbar (reservoir).

The hotel restaurant serves a variety of Iranian, foreign, Indian, and traditional cuisine with experienced catering staff in a pleasant environment for private gatherings and parties.

Meanwhile, the Laleh hotel coffee shop in the yard has a very delightful face. A place by the Hows (Persian pool) watching fountains with eye-catching lighting and listening to the pleasant sound of traditional Persian music. In Addition to having all sorts of fast-food and hot and cold drinks along with your friends and companions.

Iranian Old Cafe

Iranian old cafe restaurant in Yazd has a special design that shows the native elements of Yazd.

The menu of this native cafe has a variety of Iranian herbal tea, drinks, coffee, cakes and desserts, traditional dishes, and fast-food (pizza, pasta, etc.). Not to mention, they serve more than 50 sensational drinks, each with a different flavor. This restaurant-cafe is located in the ancient texture of Yazd city at the end of Jameh mosque street.

The Iranian old cafe has been able to harmonize itself with the pleasant and old spirit of the historical context by creating an artistic and traditional interior.

The owners of the cafe also have provided the necessary services for a unique outdoor experience, by placing tables, chairs, and beds on the roof. So visitors can have a phenomenal view of the Jameh mosque and surroundings.

If you want to watch the beautiful sunset among the thatched houses in the old part of Yazd, make sure to visit the rooftop of this cafe if you were in the neighborhood.

Moon Cafe  

Moon cafe is located in the Safaieh neighborhood in Yazd, near the university. This cafe has a cozy and relaxing environment. So, it has a peaceful and soothing space for those who are annoyed with big cities.

On one hand, this cafe has very good coffee. On the other hand, the staff’s professional manner creates a sense of safety and respect.

Also, the white color of the interior has created a bright atmosphere. And in addition to the usual drinks, this place has small meals as well as breakfast on its menu.

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