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Niayesh Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

Best Cheap Hotels In Shiraz For Backpackers And Young Travelers

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Finding cheap hotels in Shiraz, especially in springs can be tricky considering, many tourists come here to smell the Orange blossoms and enjoy the freshness of the gardens.

like other tourist-attracting cities, Shiraz has luxury hotels but also a lot of cheap affordable accommodations, for those guests who are not in a position of spending too much for staying the night in a place.

In this article, we present some of the most famous, though cheap and economical hotels and hustles in Shiraz for you to stay in.

Remember that these hotels are very popular and if you plan to stay in these places, you should book them sooner.

Niayesh Hotel

If you are looking for a nice and cheap hotel in the heart of the historical context of Shiraz, the traditional Niayesh hotel should be a good choice. A beautiful complex with an area of 3500 meters in the form of 15 beautiful houses has formed the traditional Niayesh hotel.

This hotel was put into operation on February 6, 2010, in Shiraz. This hotel has the beautiful architecture of traditional Shirazi houses and has historic importance, in terms of location and structure. Niayesh hotel is located among a collection of museums, churches, synagogues, and old fire temples, as well as mosques and monasteries. This three-star hotel stands in the Sang-e Siah neighborhood, in front of the tomb of Bibi Dokhtaran, and is one of the most popular traditional hotels in Shiraz, among foreign tourists and visitors.

Traditional elements have been used in the design of Niayesh hotel, and staying there will be very relaxing, also you can easily access the most popular sights of Shiraz. Nearby attractions to Niayesh hotel are Vakil BazaarPars museumVakil mosqueSaraye Moshir, and the tomb of Hafez. The view of the hotel is also directed toward the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh.

The hotel has 2 floors and traditional rooms with stained glass windows convey the feeling of living in the historical context of Shiraz old days in a very convincing and pleasant way; The courtyard of the Niayesh hotel has a small traditional Persian pool in the middle (called Howz) which creates a lovely atmosphere that makes you want to sit by the water for a few minutes and drink tea.


Hotel’s facilities include high-speed internet, laundry service, taxi service, a traditional restaurant and outdoor restaurant, coffee shop, and handicraft booth that make your stay memorable.

One of the features of the Niayesh hotel that attracts many travelers and citizens of Shiraz is the unique and glamorous atmosphere of the hotel roof, in the coffee shop of which you can spend the night and enjoy the cool midnight air with your friends and family and treat yourself to a refreshing drink. The Niayesh hotel restaurant also serves a variety of traditional and Iranian dishes, and the good quality of the food has been confirmed by many travelers over the years.

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Arg Hotel

Arg hotel is one of the most popular cheap hotels in Shiraz and as its name suggests, it is located near the famous historical monument of Karim Khan Citadel and is about 6 minutes away from it. The 3-star Arg hotel has completely traditional architecture and the blue and turquoise colors are used in different parts of the hotel.

As one of the cheap hotels in Shiraz, Arg hotel was built in 1991 in the center of the historic city of Shiraz but has been renovated in recent years. The combination of modernity and tradition is well visible in this hotel.


Arg hotel is a modern complex consists of 64 accommodation units, lobby, coffee shop, restaurant, coffee net, and parking lot. The hotel’s accommodation units include single, double (double and twin), triple and quadruple rooms. All accommodation units are equipped with amenities such as central satellite, digital receiver, telephone, medical mattresses, mini-bar fridge, TV, and bathroom. The cleanliness of the rooms is excellent and their decoration and lighting are very pleasant and relaxing.

Arg Restaurant with a capacity of 200 people is one of the famous restaurants in Shiraz, which has experienced and professional chefs and serves a variety of Persian, traditional, and local dishes of Fars province of Iran.

Arg hotel coffee shop is located on the roof of the hotel, under the clear sky of Shiraz, and has a different atmosphere from other coffee shops. In this cafe, you will see a unique view of the city and enjoy a nice breeze with your friends, families, and fellow travelers. Easy access to Shiraz’s recreational and historical centers, including Vakil Bazaar, Vakil bath, Eram garden, the tomb of Hafez, and the tomb of Saadi, are some of the hotel’s location advantages. The hotel is also a short distance from the airport.

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Sasan Hotel

A 2-star hotel located in midtown is one of the best cheap hotels in Shiraz accordingly and offers a pleasant and quiet environment for accommodation.

This hotel has 3 floors with 34 single, double, triple, and quadruple rooms and 70 beds and a capacity for 108 people.

The hotel lobby and restaurant have a capacity of 20 and 100 guests, respectively, and the hotel has a parking lot with a capacity of 20 cars.

Each room has a private bathroom and toilet. Also, each floor of the hotel is equipped with Persian and flushing toilets. The architecture of the hotel is very beautiful and the rooms are very clean. The hotel lobby has a relaxed setting for meetings and traditional music always plays for the guests.

This hotel in Shiraz is equipped with a coffee shop and a fast food place. Also at the entrance of the hotel, there are two well-equipped grocery stores, and in front of the hotel, Social cafe, and a few minutes away from the hotel, the traditional restaurant of Haji Baba, Kababi Hashemi and the restaurant of Mehr Reza are standing, so you have many options for food that you can choose according to price and quality.

Possibilities to buy souvenirs

The proximity of the hotel to the traditional Vakil Bazaar has provided an opportunity for tourists to buy souvenirs, and all kinds of Shiraz souvenirs like Kaak, Masghati, herbal distillate, and herbal tea and also works of art such as Khatam-Kari, etc. can be found in this place.

Counting the majority of tourist’s reviews, the best feature of this hotel is its proximity to historical places, as well as commercial centers and banks. The hotel is also a short distance from the airport and welcomes guests and travelers with its optimal and complete facilities. The distance from Sasan hotel to Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil bath, Jahan Nama Garden, Shah Cheragh tomb, Afif Abad Garden is 4, 6, 9, 5, and 14 minutes by car, respectively. The distance from this hotel to the Shiraz passenger terminal is 9 minutes by car. The hotel is also close to shopping malls such as Aftab shopping center, Negin Fars shopping center, and Persian Gulf shopping center, and its distance to the airport and railway is less than half an hour.

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Taha Traditional Hostel

Taha traditional hotel is one of the most visited and well-known traditional residences in Shiraz. Another affordable and cheap hotel in Shiraz, consists of two buildings and its construction dates back to more than 120 years ago and belongs to the Qajar era (the Qajar dynasty). This residence was renovated and put into operation in 2016.

This traditional hostel has beautiful doors and windows. The doors are wooden and the small windows are geometric and colorful and combined with brick and stone walls, which has created a completely different and local atmosphere. It should be noted that small, colorful windows are not just for beauty; these windows in the desert area, make sunlight softer and more pleasant and ultimately create a unique beauty.

Every morning with the sun shining on the windows, colorful shades of light shining on the shelves of the room create a rainbow of colors, which is an undeniable view.

Taha traditional hostel is located in the traditional texture of the city and stands in the historical neighborhood of Sang-e Siah. The Armenian Church is located in front of the residence, and the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh is located nearby. Meanwhile, Nasir Al-Molk Mosque and Atiq Jame mosque are located 2 Km away from this residence. In general, this residence has good and easy access to the attractions of Shiraz, and travelers can easily visit the tourist attractions and sights of Shiraz due to the good location of this residence, and they can get to the airport in less than 15 minutes by car.


This hotel consists of three floors, including the basement, ground floor, and first floor, and has a total of 14 rooms facing the courtyard, 5 of which are located in Building No. 2 and the capacity of the rooms is 1 to 5 people.

The resort’s rooms also have an extra floor service. The first building has a bathroom and toilet for each room; however, the residents of the second building can only use toilets and bathrooms inside the compound.

The heating and cooling system of the Taha hustle is split, but the thing that is interesting for many travelers in this residence is the ceiling of its rooms. Some of the rooms have high ceilings and made larger; these rooms are perfect for summer, on the other hand, some rooms are smaller and have shorter ceilings, these are made for winter.

The overall atmosphere of the residence is traditional and nostalgic and is very suitable for people who want to get away from Modern urban life for a few days. The residence has a boarding house and a taxi service, as well as Wi-Fi, and passengers can use the Internet in their rooms. The grounds of the traditional Taha residence have ponds, gardens, and pavilions that create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

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Mahmonir Traditional House

Mahmonir traditional house in Shiraz belongs to the late Qajar and the early Pahlavi era (dynasty) and is nearly 120 years old. This residence was renovated in 2018.

This is one of the best traditional accommodations in Shiraz, a comfortable and cheap hotel with 6 rooms and a capacity of 16 people. The house is about 250 square meters, has 2 floors, and like many other old houses and traditional hostels in Iran, the courtyard is the main center of the building.

This hotel can be included in the list of the most beautiful old houses, the interior of which is decorated in a completely traditional way, and among the items used in it, we can mention the old yard full of clay pots with colorful flowers, which arranged around a traditional square Howz with a turquoise-tiled floor.


The facilities of the complex include a restaurant, limited internet, open parking, and sanitary services.

The residence has 7 master rooms, coffee shop, traditional teahouse, safe deposit box, taxi service, and finally English-speaking staff. Facilities and services offered at the resort include laundry services, tour guides, daily cleaning, heating and cooling systems, mini bar, and standard hotel mattress.

The entrance of this house also has several stairs and it is not easy for everyone to enter it.

One of the advantages of Mahmonir traditional house is easy access to the city’s sights such as Narenjestan Qavam and Nasir Al-Molk mosque. You can find other tourist attractions such as Saraye Moshir, Vakil bazaar, and Vakil bath and Pars museum with a short walk near your place of residence.

If you have a vehicle, it is about 11 minutes to tomb of Hafez, Qaleh Bandar park, and the garden of Haft Tanan museum, and also 13 minutes to the Eram garden, and 19 minutes to the Jannat park and Afif Abad garden. To eat, you can use the traditional dining room of the Mahmonir establishment. Besides, you can use taxi services and car rental with the driver to travel around the city.

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