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Best Local Bars and Cafe in Shiraz: Have A Drink and Relax

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Gathering information about best local bars and Cafe in Shiraz is a priority for many tourists who travel to this exciting and romantic city.   

Cafe tourism may be one of the most popular pastimes of today’s generation, especially young people, and many of us spend hours during the week visiting cafes because it is a good excuse to be alone with our friends and loved ones and chat for hours away from everyday life struggles.

Coffee shops and Cafes are also a great place for friendly gatherings, family birthdays, and appointments, and therefore are well-received by the public.

The city of Shiraz with spectacular streets and gardens, a poetic atmosphere, with the smell of orange blossoms, along with a mixture of tradition and modernity, encourages every visitor to sit down and have a cool drink or a cup of coffee.

In addition to visiting historic attractions, many tourists and travelers in Shiraz, are looking for the best Cafe to relax a bit and enjoy its delicious food and drinks in a cozy and comfortable place.

In this article, we introduce some of the most famous, luxurious, and stylish bars & cafe in Shiraz: 

Joulep Cafe Restaurant

Joulep cafe, standing in the old part of Shiraz, is located in front of Vakil bath and is one of the best cafes in Shiraz.

The unique location of the Joulep cafe restaurant in Shiraz has made it often full of travelers who are here to relax after a long and exciting visit to the Zandiyeh complex. The exterior of the cafe has a very beautiful traditional brickwork and the inside of the cafe is filled with Polish-style tables and chairs.

The outer edge of the window of the cafe is decorated with flower pots, and a row of red flowers is planted under the window, which doubles the beauty of the brick facade.

You may be wondering what Joulep means. It is actually named after a syrup called Jallab, which is made with saffron, syrup, and rosewater. The warm and intimate atmosphere and the very respectful attitude of the staff of Shiraz Joulep cafe have made this place popular among the people.

Of course, the varied menu and the delicious taste of the food in this cafe-restaurant should not be overlooked. The menu is full of hot and cold drinks and desserts, cakes, tarts, and ice cream, but the most famous syrup in the cafe is Jallab. If you go to this place, we suggest you don’t miss the almond milk.

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Ferdowsi Cafe

Ferdowsi cafe could be the most recognized coffee shop in Shiraz which is located in midtown, at the beautiful and quiet Ferdowsi Street. Customers of Ferdowsi cafe are slightly different from other similar shops in Shiraz. Ferdowsi cafe not only hosts locals but also many foreign tourists who come here every day to relax and have a peaceful drink.

The interior design of the cafe is old and traditional, with local cuisine (foods and drinks) served in old fashioned glasses and bowls. All that was said, along with the fact that the cafe located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, give the customers satisfaction. If you go to Ferdowsi cafe one day,  you can order a local Shirazi drink such as Sekanjabin-cucumber or Bidmeshk.

The atmosphere of the cafe is very relaxing and there is always good music playing.  

Smoking is not allowed inside the cafe, and the outside is the quiet street of Ferdowsi, where you almost always can find a place to park close to the place.

Hedayat Cafe Restaurant

Hedayat cafe is another famous and popular coffee Shop in Shiraz, one of those distinctive cafes that have many fans.

After going through the iron entrance and the lush courtyard with its tables and chairs, you walk into the large, open-air cafe. The tranquility of the place, the natural light shining through the windows, and the pleasant smell of coffee in the space, create a happy and memorable time for you.

One of the good things about Hedayat cafe is its varied menu, which includes both international and Persian dishes such as cutlets, as well as vegetarian dishes such as salads, vegetable plates, and Fettuccine with vegetables. In addition to coffee, smoothies, and cakes, traditional drinks can also be ordered.

This cafe has a small setting with an intimate atmosphere. This magnificent wooden cafe is also equipped with free internet. A cozy place with a friendly environment where you can spend a nice evening with your friends.  

Vakil Cultural House

This cafe restaurant is located on the first floor of a building standing in front of the Vakil mosque and at the same time, it is a very modern, beautiful, and cozy establishment. The place serves both local and foreign cuisine. The mushroom soup of this cafe is one of its most popular dishes, which we suggest you try.

The service system of this cafe is very professional and highly qualified. You can expect polite staff who speak English serving you food and drinks, gourmet breakfast, excellent coffee, lunch, and dinner with a variety of meals and prices. Walls full of paintings have also created a very relaxing and pleasant environment.

Mahooni Cafe

In front of the Jahan Nama garden, there is a cozy and quiet coffee shop called Mahooni cafe. After a few hours of sightseeing in the delightful garden of Jahan Nama, you can spend quiet and pleasant moments by drinking a cup of great coffee, a cup of fragrant Persian tea, or having snacks in this cafe and regain the lost strength. The walls of Mahooni cafe are decorated with the poems of Hafez (the famous Iranian poet) and the beautiful Nastaliq calligraphy, which depicts a view of an authentic Shiraz building.

With serving various kinds of pasta, delicious snacks along with different kinds of drinks, Mahooni café has become a peaceful place for costumers and the warm and professional attitude of the staff has formed an intimate hangout.

The working hours of Mahooni cafe are from 8 am to 12 pm and it has provided a suitable environment for friendly and two-person appointments. If you want to surprise your loved ones on their birthday, just book a table there and leave the special reception to the experienced staff of the cafe.

A variety of hot and cold drinks, chips and cheese, toast, pasta, salads, and breakfast can be served here.

Royal Coffee

Royal Coffee is a popular and crowded place, located right at the entrance of the Vakil bazaar, (between the Vakil bazaar and the Vakil bath) which is made it very appealing to tourists and visitors.

Good feedback from foreign tourists and the convenient location have made this coffee shop very busy and desirable.

This cafe in Shiraz is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm and has many satisfied customers. Here you can have a light meal like an omelet or Kashk Bademjan or you can order a hot drink, espresso, and cappuccino from the menu or even try tea, herbal tea, ice cream or juice.

The prices of the menu are quite acceptable and fair compared to the location of the cafe and the quality of the services. And in general, this cafe is not expensive.

In front of the cafe, there are tables and benches where you can sit and with the umbrellas above the tables, you are protected from the sun.

Chill Cafe

Chill Cafe is a relatively large and lovely place in the center of Shiraz and its decor matches well with the surrounding area.

Shiraz midtown, such as Mulla Sadra Street and its branches, is a busy area due to its proximity to service and administrative centers and Shiraz University. So for that reason, the area recently has witnessed the construction of several bars and cafes.

Chill Cafe is one of these newly established cafes and has quickly gained attention. This two-story building, mostly made of wood, has a cozy interior, the second floor of the cafe has less light during the day than the ground floor, where the sunlight is tangible. Flower pots and cheerful colors of the walls create a pleasant and dreamy atmosphere.

In addition to coffee, a different type of cake and cheesecake are being served in this cafe every day. Among several types of food and salads on the menu, you are encouraged to try meat and spinach.

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Street Lounge Cafe

One of your choices of trying a cafe in Shiraz can be Street Lounge Café which has a very impressive layout and sitting in this elegant space and drinking coffee with a piece of cake, can make your day.

Almost everybody knows of this place, because of its detailed breakfast menu.

Street Lounge Café, is a luxurious coffee shop in Shiraz which has a stylish and impressive entrance. The interior of the place is also excellent, and it has a bright hall with white walls full of photo frames, flower pots, and green tables. You can also order a variety of pasta, snacks, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Shahre Kaghazi Cafe

Shahre Kaghazi Cafe (paper city) is one of the best Cafe in Shiraz. In the large courtyard of the cafe, there are wooden tables, benches, and chairs under the trees and near the pond, which has a sooting and suburb atmosphere, as if you’re in an old garden.

The interior of this old house is as spectacular as the outside.

The café building is in fact a bookstore with shelves full of novels, children’s books, and artworks such as handicrafts and cloth dolls.

Shahre Kaghazi cafe is very crowded at night, especially in the spring and summer when the cool breeze along with the cafe’s delicious food is the best choice for your friendly getaways. Of course, the cafe menu also includes a variety of hot and cold drinks, cakes, and snacks.

The working hours of the Cafe are from Saturday to Thursday from 2: 6 to 2, and on Fridays, is open from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Abizh Cafe Restaurant

Abizh cafe, another interesting and charming coffee shop in Shiraz, which has attracted the attention of foreign tourists.

This cafe-restaurant has a great interior design and it creates a friendly atmosphere for guests. Drinks and appetizers at this cafe are of good quality and delicious tastes and agreeable atmosphere leave fond memories.

The prices in this cafe-restaurant are also very affordable compared to their quality.

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