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Natural Attractions in Shiraz

Best Recommended Natural Attractions in Shiraz

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Natural Attractions in Shiraz are at the forefront of the beauty and splendor of Iran’s natural lands.

Enchanting green nature, colorful and fragrant flowers, and breathtaking refreshing rain in spring are the signs of unique attractions that you will encounter while touring around the city of Shiraz.

Shiraz has plenty of historical and tourist attractions, for that reason sometimes travelers do not get the opportunity to visit the villages and natural fascinations around the city. And even with several days in a row, they spend all this time inside the town or visiting historical sites.

But it is not bad to take a look at attractive natural wonders not very far from the city and introduce you to some of the most eye-catching rural attractions of Shiraz, which will delight many nature lovers.


One of the natural attractions around Shiraz, which has an indescribable and glorious nature, is known as Tang-e-Tizab (Tizab strait). This fascinating and wonderful sight is located in the northwestern part of Sepidan county and is 90 km away from Shiraz.

A river with turquoise water that flows vigorously over the rocks of the strait is the main attraction of this place. the river originates from Sepidan high mountains and passes through the strait. it is a permanent river, and it flows in all the seasons of the year in Tang-e-Tizab, and at every moment, with every calm flow, it brings notable green life around it. Tall trees such as willow, oak, and also almond trees grow all over the place.

Many people choose Tang-e-Tizab as their one-day travel destination. One of the reasons for this choice is the pleasant climate of this region. Tang Tizab welcomes its guests with a pleasant breeze in the summer, when many areas are struggling with hot and annoying weather. Of course, the cold weather has the same benefit in cold seasons, with that being said, the best season to travel to Tang-e-Tizab is spring and the best month is May. It is also possible to fish in Tang-e-Tizab, and the river is always full of fish. Also, it is possible to set up a traveling tent.

Here you can set up a tent and spend a night in the heart of nature, and if your equipment is complete, you can also fish.

Dasht Arjan

Dasht Arjan (Arjan plain) is only 60 km away from Shiraz and is located on the main road of Shiraz – Bushehr.

Due to the arrival of migratory birds in the lake, the place becomes more spectacular in the second six months of the year. Dasht Arjan is a protected area full of various plant and animal species, and in the not-so-distant past, Persian lions also lived there. Arjan plain has all the beauties together. It is filled with wild anemones in spring and a cool breeze in summer.

One of the waterfalls of this natural attraction of Shiraz is also famous with locals. On the way to the waterfall, you will find springs, numerous smaller waterfalls such as Daryahak waterfall (between Begdaneh and Meskhoon villages), Dome Asb waterfall (near Kuh-e Zarg village) and Ramghan waterfall (near Imamzadeh village and below Faryab village), which every single one of them can attract tourists.

The best time to visit the Dasht Arjan waterfall is in the cold season, especially in winter, because this season the waterfall is gorgeous in a different way and turns to an ice sculpture.

Other amazing sights in the area include caves with odd cavities that are very strange in shape, as the rocks are pierced over time by water and wind erosion.

You can also visit the traditional Arjan market in Kazerun.

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Tange Dome Asb

Tange Dome Asb (Horsetail strait) located 65 km south of the city, is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Shiraz, Fars province of Iran.

An attractive waterfall stands in a very green environment, located in the Kuh Mareh Sorkhi rural district is the main attraction of this place. To see this waterfall, you have to go from Shiraz city to Karreh Bas village.

It is also a pleasure to walk along the path to the waterfall, which is exciting and interesting considering that you have to cross roaring rivers on the way.

Dome Asb spring is formed by the Dome Asb river in the rocky heights near the village. In this area, a lake with a length of nearly 200 meters has been created due to landslides. Crossing the lake you can see a narrow waterfall that looks like a horse’s tail.

To reach the waterfall, sometimes you have to go through tight paths and mountain crevices that are the size of one person. That is why it is necessary to have proper clothes and necessary equipment.

The climate of the area around the waterfall is slightly chilly in spring and summer and very cold in winter, so if you can not stand the cold, we suggest you go here in the warm seasons.

Ghalat Village

If you choose the road from Shiraz to Sepidan, after passing 25 km, you will come across a sign that will lead you to a village called Ghalat. The rest of the route is a bit rough, but upon reaching the entrance of the village, a paving path will appear.

Ghalat village is located at the foot of the 3,000-meter mountain of Ghalat and its magical and exceptional nature is enchanting.

Ghalat village located 36 km from Shiraz, is one of the villages registered in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Moving towards the center of the village, you will see a unique view of the traditional old houses, which have risen with a magnificent view of the mountain.

The old and new houses of the village in combination with the dense trees and the running river have created a nice, quiet rural landscape.

Several rivers and springs also bring a natural earthy feeling, however, the recent drought in Fars province has not been without its effects on them.

Ghalat village has a significant historical context. In addition to old-fashioned houses, the presence of Ghezel Arsalan castle on the top of Ghalat Mountain, next to the anthropological museum of the village and Ghalat church, which is remembered from the post-World War I period, are among the valuable historical monuments of this village.

This historic village still has an old cemetery, and the remains of numerous water mills in the village can be seen around it. Ghalat is also famous for its rich coverage of various medicinal plants. In recent years, residential units, restaurants, and cafes have been built in this beautiful village to make it easier for tourists to stay.

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Margoon Waterfall

Coming out of Shiraz, in the west of Sepidan city, going through a sensational and amazing rural neighborhood called Margoon, there is a waterfall called the same name, which located 130 km away from the capital of Fars province. This attractive and remarkable waterfall is among most famous natural attractions of Shiraz.

The water source of this waterfall is not the river and instead, its water originates from a spring with the same name that boils out of the earth,  and that is what sets Margoon Falls apart from other waterfalls.

If you can climb the Margoon waterfall and reach its source, you will see not only one spring but hundreds of them. The presence of eye-catching springs and elegant waterfalls has caused this sight to be among the largest spring waterfalls in the world.

Margon Falls and its surrounding areas are considered cold and summery. Therefore, it is better to travel to this place during the hot seasons of the year so that the cold weather does not affect the peace and joy of your unique trip.

Maharlu Lake

Another very magnificent and strange sight around the city of Shiraz is Maharlu Lake (Pink), which witnesses the presence of many migratory birds every year.

Maharlu Lake has an area of ​​120 km and is a salt lake. Therefore is a significant amount of special salt in its water, so much so that in winter, the water of this lake turns red or pink.

This enchanting lake is located 25 km east of Shiraz and it has been much bigger in the past and used to be considered as the source of Shiraz river drainage basin, a river that is now completely dry and there is not even a trace of it.

Also, the strange and mysterious color of the lake is an important and effective factor in attracting nature-loving tourists.

Every year in winter, when it’s color change pinkish,  and migratory birds show up at the lake and choose it as their winter habitat, many tourists gather here.

It should be noted that recreational facilities have been set up in this tourist attraction. Perhaps one of the most essential things to do when traveling to Lake Maharlu is to have a camera.

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