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Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque, Kermanshah, Iran

Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque, Kermanshah, Iran

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Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque is the name of a 150-year-old mosque in the city of Kermanshah, which is one of the monuments of the Qajar period. The building of the first mosque was built by Imam Qoli Mirza Emad-Ol-Dowleh (Governor of the West) in Kermanshah bazaar.

Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque

The architecture of Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque

The nave is columnar and has many cells. The south porch is the entrance to the main nave, which is taller than the other three porches of the mosque and has more beautiful decorations that are very spectacular.

The other door of the mosque is located on the southwest side, which is connected by a corridor to the intersection of Zargarha(Gold) bazaar and Hori Abad bazaar.

Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque

Decorations and tiles

In the construction of this mosque, from the walls to its covering, simple brickwork has been used and no special decoration can be seen in it. the covering of the dome has special and beautiful decorations that attract the viewer’s attention. Marble is also used in floor and plinth coverings. To open the light to the nave and provide lighting for this section, there are openings at the top of the cover.

Most of the tile decorations of Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque are geometric and plant motifs abstract. These motifs have a simple and psychological strength and are taken from the architectural decorations of the Safavid and Zandi eras. Architectural landscapes have been used in the tiling of this building, but no human motifs have been used.

On the tiles of the porch of the mosque, there is an inscription containing the name of the king of the time (Nasser al-Din Shah), the name of the builder, and its date.

Qapi Shah Najaf

After the construction of this mosque, its founder brought one of the doors of the shrine of Imam Ali (the first Imam of the Shia) to Kermanshah and installed it in this mosque and instead dedicated another silver to the Alavi threshold. This gate, which is now located at the entrance of the mosque and the goldsmiths’ bazaar, is known as “Qapi Shah Najaf” and belongs to the Safavid period.

Clock tower

There is a clock tower in Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque, which is built northeast to southwest and indicates the direction of the qibla. This building is one of the towers built in Iranian mosques in the late Qajar era and shows the community’s efforts to use modern technology in Iranian religious places. The construction technique of this tower is the same as the technique used in the historical minarets of the late Qajar period.

The activity of Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque Seminary

During the construction of Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque, rooms were built around the courtyard for students who study Islamic subjects. Besides, the Emad-Ol-Dowleh bazaar and caravanserai, which consists of hundreds of shops and booths, is dedicated to the mosque’s uses.

In recent years, a pond has been built in the middle of the courtyard that giving it a beautiful view. Below this pool, there is a crypt or basement, which is currently the place where students practice sports.

Where to eat near Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque

There are many shops for buying souvenirs in the traditional bazaar and near Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque.

Near this mosque and next to the Bazar, there is an old house called Soori’s house that has recently become a traditional restaurant, that you can not only use the Soori’s House restaurant to eat traditional Kermanshahi food but also enjoy the historical house & take a picture with local costums only in the night.

Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque

Where to stay near Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque

There are small inns near Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque, which are located near the traditional bazaar at a very cheap price. But the closest hotel to this mosque is the 4-star Parsian Hotel, Jamshid Hotel, and Sina Hotel. And the only Kermanshah’s hostel, the Oak hostel, is located in the historical context of Kermanshah and near this mosque.

The best time to travel to Kermanshah

The best time to visit Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque is spring. Due to its beautiful courtyard in April and May, it is the best time to take pictures. Also, Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque is very beautiful on a snowy day.

Other tourist attraction

Other attractive tourist attractions near Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque include Tekie Moaven-Ol-Molk, Takie Biglar Beigi that is located in the Kermanshah traditional context, Shafei Mosque, Haj Shahbaz Khan Bath, all of which are located in the Kermanshah Traditional bazaar, which includes numerous caravanserais and beautiful shops & stores & Tagh Bostan located in the northern of Kermanshah.

Location of Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque

Emad-Ol-Dowleh mosque is located in the traditional bazaar of Kermanshah, in the street called  Hadad Adel (Modarres) in Kermanshah.

Emad-Ol-Dowleh Mosque

How to get to Tekie Moaven-Ol-Molk

To reach to this Mosque, you can use public transportation such as buses or taxis.

By bus: Next to this mosque, there is a bus stop, Se Rahe Navab in Hadad Adel (Modarres ) street.

By personal car: If you want to rely on a personal car, don’t worry about parking anymore because of the several proximity parking that worked in day & night.

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