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After reading a variety of books and articles, I was extremely interested to experience Iran’s way of living, based on a long, long history. I visited Iran and three cities:

  • Shiraz (even with more than 1.5 mio inhabitants) was my impression of a garden city, combined with history (esp. Persepolis and the citadel).
  • Isfahan came with immense variety of must-sees: wonderful mosques, churches, villas and and bridges. My favorites are Naqsh-e Jahan Square with its mosques and bazaar, the Jameh Mosque and the Baba Ghassem Mausoleum.
  • Tehran was the museum part of my trip: for sure the Golestan Palace, the Iranian National Jewels, and the National Museum. For a German quite strange: I like the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense Museum and its way of explanation…

Besides this, the Iranian (or Persian) people are likable, friendly and helpful: the schoolchildren tried their English (my Farsi is very limited…), the support to find my way exceeding Google maps, their help to recharge my SIM card or bringing back money fallen out of my pocket. If you like car racing: enjoy the traffic in all three cities.

The only thing that I really did not like: the taxi drivers and their way of pricing. So, I preferred the metro.

To keep it short: I will return!

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