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Hitchhiking 1500km around Iran!

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Hello everybody! I don’t know how to start this topic but I have to stay it was incredible and unbelievable. I decided to travel to Iran in 2k19 for 3 weeks and my plan was to hitchhike all the way and guess what!? I made it! I started in Tehran all the way down to Hormuz Island. I met the best people on the planet who helped me in difficult times, who invited me for lunch, dinner, or whatever. I am so grateful for this time-so dear Iranians-THANK YOU! I didn’t talk about the landscape and the food and the culture and the religion and and and but I just can say: it is outstanding. I felt like a king in a dream and I promise that I will come back as soon as possible! Please check out my Instagram if you want to see these pictures 🙂

Have a nice day and take care❤️

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