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Shafeie Mosque

Shafeie Mosque

Most of the people of Kermanshah are Shia and like the other cities in Iran, there are one or two synagogues, three or four churches, and a mosque that is for Sunnis. The mosque that belongs to the Sunnis is called “Shafeiie’ Mosque”. This Mosque is one of the most beautiful and magnificent mosques in Iran, which has become a historical masterpiece...


An unforgettable trip to Iran in 2019 – 🇩🇪

In april 2019 I traveled to Iran as I had heard from friends that this country must be wonderful with a lot of culture and friendly people everywhere. Since some years I’m a woman solo traveler but I must say that – from the very beginning – I felt comfortable and very safe. I met lots of people offering help without pushing me but just glad to make...

My Journey to Iran

It all began one year ago when, as a result of a series of casualties, I met my Iranian boyfriend. We end up working together in a cosmetic shop in Rome by the summer of 2018 and it turns out that we already had common friends and we both live in Milan, but for some strange reason we haven’t met before; I’m convinced that things just happen in the right time when...

A Memorable Iranian Winter – 2017

I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I visited Iran on 1 to 8 January 2017. I know, it has been three years since then. But It was a pleasant journey that I will never forget! I travelled with my wife and my two teenage children.  We flew from Bangkok to Tehran on the morning of the first day of 2017. Arrived in Khomeini International Airport in the evening, Tehran time. We...

Arak Traditional Bazaar

Arak Traditional Bazaar is one of the first buildings in Arak. Arak Bazaar complex, including baths, mosques, schools, water reservoirs, passages, and caravanserais, was founded during the reign of the Ghajar dynasty by Yousef Khan Gorji, in the central part of Sultanabad (formerly Arak). Arak Traditional Bazaar History of building & activities In addition to...

Cafe in Shiraz

Fell in love with Iran

I traveled to Iran with my friends in September 2019. Steeped in history, nature, culture, myth, and delicious cuisine (especially keebap know as Kebab). Read More: TOP 10 Dishes you must try in Iran its biggest attraction in our opinion is its beautiful, friendly and hospitable people (and of course hoshkel women). Having traveled a lot we came to the conclusion...


We went with our Iranian friends to the desert for a desert crossing. First we went for a lunch and there I changed my open shoes for sneakers because of the sand.
When we were back in Esfahan I realised that I had forgotten my shoes in  the restaurant.
After 5 days i received my shoes , which had travelled by taxi, bus and car thanks to my friends


ESKANDAR (ALEXANDERS) GEVANGENIS – IRAN REIZEN YAZD Deze 15e-eeuwse koepelschool staat in een gedicht van Hafez bekend als de Alexandergevangenis vanwege de verwijzing naar deze zogenaamd verraderlijke plek. Het lijkt twijfelachtig of de diepe fontein in het midden van zijn hof wel door Alexander de Grote is gebouwd en als kerker is gebruikt. De koepel van de...

Shopping In Shiraz

Reistips Iran 🇳🇱

Een land als 1001 nachten   De beste manier om mijn reis naar Iran te beschrijven is als volgt: “En als je denkt dat je zonder vooroordelen reist, zul je jezelf keer op keer in Iran bevinden als de wereld die niet lijkt te werken met de patronen die je kent. Je reist met lades, je reist met sjablonen – zelfs als je dat heftig negeert. Iran is anders dan alles...

Waarom een ​​reis door Iran een onvergetelijk avontuur is!

Divers, leuk en iets heel bijzonders!  Overweldigd door de prachtige gebouwen en gefascineerd door de vriendelijkheid van de mensen, stap ik met een huilend en lachend gezicht terug naar Nederland: lachend, dankzij de geweldige ontmoetingen die ik mee naar huis neem, en huilend omdat er te weinig tijd was om dit geweldige land en zijn inwoners echt te leren...