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A country that will live long in your memories

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My wife and I visited Iran in April 2019 on a small group tour. As we’re from the UK, the Iran visa process was a little challenging but we were helped by an Iranian travel agent.

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Our trip took in a classic route that covered Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Persopolis, Eghlid, and Isfahan. We also stayed at a caravanserai and with a Qashqai family. Iran has a rich and detailed history. It has amazing architecture and artwork. The food is excellent and the scenery and landscapes are breathtaking. But we found the real jewel in the Crown was the Iranian people themselves. We have traveled a fair bit but never experienced such friendship and welcoming as we did in Iran. Everywhere we went people would want to chat with us. Often sharing their food or offering to cook or share tea with you. It was a humbling and beautiful experience. If we get the chance we will definitely return to Iran only this time for longer and to experience more of this wonderful country.

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