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23 days in Iran full of unforgettable memories for us. We traveled from Tehran to Rasht, Masuleh, Tabriz, Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Palangan Village, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan (Maranjab Desert, Abyaneh) and back to Tehran for Tochal Mountain to skiing.

You will surprise how great Iranians hospitality. Iran can fill all types of travelers from food hunters, architecture aesthete, history lover, green panther.

Don’t worry about public transport, we traveled in Iran just used bus, metro, and Snapp (like Uber). Iran got the most efficient bus service, compared to other countries we’ve visited.

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Please say goodbye to diet because Iran, full of delicious food for you to try. Dandeh kebab in Kermanshah, fish kebab in Palangan village, kebab in Tajrish bazaar, Moslem restaurant in Tehran Bazaar, and the list go on.

Spare your money to buy kilim or carpet as a souvenir or token. Lastly, we feel safe and comfortable during our journey in Iran.

We have shared our journey in Iran at Instragram.



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