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I traveled to Iran at the end of 2017. I made a 5-day plan to spend the New Year there. Iran is a country that has hosted many different cultures and beliefs. Its history is deeply rooted. You can feel it comfortably while traveling around the country. You come across magnificent palaces, magnificent mosques, modern cities and ancient cities, and magnificent tombs. I think small water pools should be the symbol of Iran. In summary, it is possible to come across many different architectures. People love friendly and helpful guests. The food is very good. You can even hear their cultural music while eating at some restaurants. While walking, you can see wonderful artworks all at once. Each person feels like an artist. Or suddenly you may encounter narrow maze-like earth-colored streets. I was very interested in it.

It is a very cheap country. Especially taxis are very cheap. You can go anywhere by taxi. People do not speak much English. However, this makes your trip fun. My route included Shiraz and Tehran. I think Shiraz is a very good route with its historical texture, art and people.

Tehran is a crowded and modern city, but you can go back in the long and narrow bazaar in the middle of the city. In addition, since it is the capital of the country, you can see the magnificent palaces that remain from the kingdom. I have a plan to travel the country more. In particular, I would like to see the city of Kum, where the Mecuses live, to learn about that culture, go to Isfahan and find traces from Ibni Sina, go to Tabriz and examine the magnificent Iranian people. Iran has a special place in me. So I recommend this route to everyone.

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