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Natural Attractions of Isfahan

One of the Best Countries of the World 🇷🇺

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My wife and I traveled to Iran at the end of 2018 to celebrate my 58th birthday. We have been to Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan. I have been to more than sixty countries and I can say that Iran is obviously one of the best.

First and foremost we were impressed by the friendliness of the local people. It was not the sort of friendliness tourists come across in many places with just the idea to get some money from them. It was absolutely sincere. I am keen on ancient history and it was a fantastic experience to see Persepolis and other historical places I had read about. The food was excellent nearly everywhere.

Very low prices for almost everything except for the famous carpets. With the help of our wonderful guide Mohammad the trip turned into one of the most remarcable journeys of our life. If some day we will have a chance to visit Iran again we will take it for sure. Our best wishes to the Iranian people.

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