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The 7 Most Beautiful Natural Features in Tehran

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Natural features in Tehran are special in their own way. Tehran is the capital and economic center of Iran and at first glance, nature tourism in the most urban part of Iran may seem difficult. A city that has swallowed all the surrounding villages and gardens over the last two hundred years with unseemly development and many assume there is no natural attraction site left to explore here.

It seems unbelievable that near this very Tehran, where life is moving at an insane pace, lands with clean air and refreshing weather still exist, and places that construction hasn’t polluted their atmosphere have survived.

By saying the word nature, different scenes such as mountains, deserts, plains, rivers, forests, or lakes appear in your mind. Based on that, the city of Tehran has a strange location and it stands almost at the golden point between the deserts, the mountains, and the forests in the center of the country. Alborz range mountains a strong wall in the north of this city and beyond it, spectacular Hyrcanian forests of northern Iran can be seen, and on the other hand, with a short distance, the most amazing deserts of Iran shine in the sun.

There is no end to beautiful Natural features in Tehran, lets take a look at 5 most attractive tourist destinations around the city:


Usually, the first offer of anyone touring the capital is Darband. Tehran is indeed full of sights and natural features, but Darband with a marvelous nature along with traditional restaurants and resorts is the best place for mountaineering, hiking, and friendly gatherings, enjoying natural scenery as well as eating the delicious food, which is good for families, nature lovers, and friendly groups.

Mountain Climber’s Heaven

Darband mountain is the most famous natural attraction in the north of Tehran and the most fun activity here is mountaineering.

This recreational area with an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, is the main route to climb the heights of the central Alborz mountains, and every year, many people, passing through this magnificent road, reach the mountain of the Tochal and other high mountains.

Chairlift, enjoy the scenery

One of the exciting pastimes created about 40 years ago in the recreational area of ​​Darband is the chairlift for tourists to reach the heights of Darband.

Foody People Don’t Miss the Opportunity

There are various restaurants and eatery and exciting local foods on every corner of Darband, where you can create happy moments for yourself and your companions.

Experience the Excitement with Tehran Sledge

Tehran Sledge is one of the recreational places in this region, which is a little further away from the other attractions and places that we introduced to you. In Tehran Sledge, you can sled on the mountains of Tehran and have an exceptional view of the north of the city.

Do not Forget Hiking

Going in a winding path and generally toward up mountains, passing by a huge number of traditional restaurants, cafes, and many other centers and choosing one of them as a place to relax and unwind at any time of the day, from morning to night can be good for anyone.

Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal ski resort is located in the foothills of the Alborz mountains range with a height of 3692 meters in the north of Tehran.

Tochal (means pond) mountain has actually a small lake and because its peak is next to a lake of natural ice, called by this name.

In the Tochal region, very stunning landscapes, mountainous weather, and numerous springs and clear freshwater have created a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, and this has become one of the reasons for turning this region into a tourist and sports place.

Due to the good weather conditions, the Tochal recreation complex has become a frequent hangout for locals and tourists in Tehran.

The initial part of the resort cable car is a very suitable route for walking due to the mountainous scenery and impressive view of the highest point of Tehran and outstanding nature. Along the way, restaurants, traditional tea houses, as well as paintball, shooting range, tennis, skating, and fitness clubs have been set up.

Dizin Ski Resort  

Dizin ski resort is 123 km away from Tehran to Chalous road and has 23 pistes (tracks). One of the advantages of this resort is the separation of professional and beginner ski tracks.

In addition to the snow tracks, there is a lawn for the summer, and a snow park and U-track are located above the lawn restaurant.

In Dizin ski resort, seven different types of ski lifts, like Doppel Mayr, etc for beginners and professionals are provided here. Two Chairlift and are also available for climbing the mountain.

In this natural feature of Tehran, there are four cable cars called Shaleh, Qoleh (peak), Darreh (valley), and Chaman (lawn).

Interesting tip about this ski resort, you do not need to spend all your time playing in the snow and tennis courts near the Dizin ski hotel, mountain biking, kite riding, paragliding, and archery are other entertaining experience you can have here.

There are five different restaurants in Dizin ski resort that you can visit after a lot of physical activities.

Shale restaurant is located at an altitude of 2,900 meters and Chaman restaurant is located at an altitude of 2,600 meters.

From the beginning of December to May, you can go skiing and have fun in the winter at the Dizin ski resort.

Afjeh Village

In the northeast of Tehran, there is a unique village with a pleasant climate and pristine nature called Afjeh.

Afjeh is a famous village in Lavasan-e Kuchak rural district, located 30 km away from Tehran and as a cold and mountainous area, most of its locals are engaged in agriculture or animal husbandry. Besides being one of the rare decent summer villages around Tehran to stay away from the busy city there, Afjeh village also has many charms that bring a lot of visitors.

Havig plain

Havig (carrot) plain, located at an altitude of two thousand four hundred meters above sea level, is extremely eye-catching in spring and autumn; according to history, the Havig plain was a royal hunting ground during the Safavid period (dynasty era) and was also the passage route for Qajar kings.

Mountain Climbing and Hiking in Summer!

Since the village of Afjeh is located in a mountainous area, many climbers travel to this area, bringing their equipment with them to relax and enjoy nature, Plus due to the unique climate and vegetation, it is an ideal area for hiking.

Wonderful Waterfalls of Afjeh Village

There are several phenomenal waterfalls in this area, among them we can mention Paschevik waterfall with a height of 15 meters, which is located near the Havig plain and is surrounded by maple trees.

Afjeh Village Bath, a Historical Attraction!

This historic bath, which was built by the order of Shah Abbas Safavid in the village, has been renovated many times and for this reason, its original building has changed a lot and interestingly local people still use this public bath!

The 400-year-old sycamore tree is another natural feature of Tehran for travelers to visit here.

Saka Castle

Saka castle is registered in the list of national monuments and has been said that this fort was built during the Safavid period and overlooks the city of Lavasan.

Researchers believe that bricks, clay, and mud along with Sarooj, gypsum mortar, and carcass stone have been used in the construction of Saka castle, and the remains of tiles left from the construction of the castle date back to the second or third century of the Islamic period.

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Kahulugan Falls

Kahulugan is one of the tallest waterfalls around Tehran that due to the possibility of access to famous mountains such as Mehr Chal and Kahulugan as well as Ammameh village, etc., it provides a pleasant atmosphere for mountaineers and nature lovers.

This waterfall with a height of 30-40 meters has a two-step structure. There is a platform in the middle of the waterfall and at the bottom, there are small pools that are great for a bath in nature in the hot seasons.

This waterfall is an attractive option for those who are interested in mountaineering, and hiking, but it may be difficult for the elderly, children, and slightly disabled people.

Kahulugan falls is located at the end of a very delightful valley on a rural path with the same name, so to get there you must first reach this fabulous village. After crossing the green and flowery plains, you will reach the Kahulugan waterfall, which is very gorgeous especially in spring. The best time for coming to this pristine and scenic area is spring and summer.

This waterfall in the heights of Tehran province has a cool and pleasant climate and is a good option to escape the summer heat. Of course, there is autumn here terrific as well, but you should bring warm clothes with you. And do not travel here in the summer without the necessary equipment.

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Tar and Havir Lakes

Tar and Havir lakes are natural features near Tehran in Damavand city, which bring a pleasant summer taste to travelers.

Lake Tar is located inside the mountain at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level and stretches from northwest to southeast. The area of ​​this lake is about 36 hectares and in the rainy seasons, its depth reaches 50 meters.

Lake Havir is a half-hour walk east of lake Tar and two are separated from each other by Dobrar mountain.

The best time to visit Tar and Havir lakes in Damavand is early May to the end of September. In most seasons, the water of the lakes remains cold enough to neutralizes the heat and create a pleasant trip for travelers, however, winter is not a good time for most people to travel to this region.

Fishing is a common pastime in the lake and you can fish with a stick here provided having a license from the environmental protection agency.

Mountain climbing in the two mountain ranges of Qarabagh with a height of 4080 and Zarrin mountain with a height of 3835 near these lakes is another interesting entertainment for tourists.

Boating, swimming, and nature bath are also enjoyable activities recommended in these lakes during the hot seasons.

The Legend of Tar Lake

It is interesting to know that there are legends about Tar Lake; From magic creatures to hidden treasures under the lake. But because no pirate shipwreck has been found in the lake so far; These myths do not seem to be true.

Some myth of the goblins and strange creatures in the night have been said about this lake but this problem can be easily solved because there is a guard by the lake. However, everyone reacts in some way to the silence and darkness of the night. It is terrifying to some and comforting to others.

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Tangeh Vashi

Tangeh Vashi (strait) is a passage between the Alborz Mountains with a very cool climate near Tehran which has attracted many nature lovers and travelers come here to escape the summer heat and hike in shallow rivers, enjoy nature bath and water games.

Tangeh Vashi has two straits, the first is called “Vashi” and the second is called “Sa”. Between these two straits is a vast plain called “Savashi”.

After parking your vehicle in the parking lot at the beginning of the route, you have to walk 800 meters to reach the first gorge and then cross the 250-meter Vashi gorge. And at a distance of 150 meters, you will reach the 185-year-old Petroglyph of Fath Ali Shah Qajar riding a horse and holding a spear and a bow in a haunting ground.

After that, you will reach a plain with a length of 1700 meters, which is a good space for taking photos and selfies. A good tip is to put your cellphones in waterproof bags and do not hit the river water without slippers. Also, remember to protect water-sensitive devices such as cell phones and cameras in packaged waterproof covers.

Finally, you will get to the Strait of Sa, which is 800 meters long, and at the end of it, you can visit Vashi waterfall to conclude an incredible journey in one of amazing natural features in Tehran  .

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