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The most impressive journey ever 🇦🇹

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I have seen all continents and most countries of the world. But Iran was very special.

For one month I rented a car and went 10.000 km from Tehran to Qazvin, Zandschan, Tabriz till Maku in the North, Shush and Shushtar in the West, Saravan and Mashad in the East and the Golestan National Park in the North.

If you ask me about the most impressive things I want to say nowhere in the world you can see such an important and powerful history without hundreds of coaches and busses. I could feel the history.

Second thing were this extreme friendly Iranians. That cosmopolitan people I didn‘t find anywhere other.

Especially the women were so modern, talkative and nice.

A team of television people interviewed me at the mosque of Mashad for television 2.

I saw high mountains, deep sea, the desert Lut and the Kalouts, mosques glittering like thousand of stars and a lot of wonderful things.

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