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Shopping In Shiraz

The Top 10 Best Places for Shopping in Shiraz

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Shopping in Shiraz can be a strong motivation for tourists and travelers to visit this reputable and prosperous city in Iran.

In addition to seeing historical and tourist sites, travel is also tied to shopping and even in the most remote and unknown areas, you are looking for something small to buy, let alone when you go to a famous city like Shiraz.

In fact, one of the most attractive pastimes for travelers during their trip is to visit shopping malls and markets at the destination, especially shopping for souvenirs and familiarity with traditional markets and popular shopping centers in the beautiful city of Shiraz can take you one step ahead on your journey.

In general, we should divide Shiraz shopping centers into two general categories in terms of the type of goods.

The first type is traditional goods that most travelers take with them as souvenirs, and the second type is non-traditional and regular merchandise such as clothing, bags and shoes, jewelry, etc.

Here we introduce some traditional markets and modern shopping malls in Shiraz.

1- Vakil Bazaar

Vakil bazaar, a monument from the glorious Zandieh era (Zand dynasty) in Iran, is not just a regular market; rather, it is a masterpiece of authentic Iranian architecture in which you can buy high-quality fabrics and other souvenirs of Shiraz, with the highest quality and reasonable price.

After Karim Khan Zand (Popular Persian ruler) chose Shiraz as the capital of the country, for 2 decades, a lot of prosperity and well-being were created in the beautiful city of Shiraz. Stability and security by building fences, castles, caravanserais, etc … returned to the city. Among all these structures, the unique collection of Vakil bazaar was like a shining gem.

Vakil bazaar can be considered the most important and one of the oldest traditional markets in Shiraz and even the country.

If you go to Vakil bazaar, you have not only seen a very unique historical site, you can also score valuable local souvenirs such as Jajim, kilim, colorful fabrics, Herbal distillate, spring blossoms and sweets like Masghati, Kaak and other Shiraz souvenirs.

2- Saraye Moshir

Saraye Moshir (house of Moshir) is another traditional and beautiful market for shopping in Shiraz, which is located in the southeast of Vakil south bazaar and adjacent to its exit.

If you visit Vakil bazaar, I suggest that you visit the southern side of the bazaar before leaving the market and visit Saraye Moshir. Saraye Moshir is a small but busy bazaar that is full of all kinds of attractive and exciting handicrafts.

This market is the most important sales center for handicrafts in Shiraz and even Fars province of Iran.

Popular handicrafts that you can buy in this market are Khatam, Moaragh, and Monabat, engravings, and toreutics on dishes, precious gemstones, traditional handmade jewelry made of silver and gold, Gabbeh, and so on.

3- Haji Bazaar

Haji bazaar is the name of the oldest and most historic bazaar in Shiraz. Some original Shirazi people believe that Haji bazaar is a structure with more than a thousand years. Haji Bazaar was built by the order of Ghavamuddin Hassan and has been renovated many times over the years.  

In this market you can find anything; from delicious foods to clothes and nuts and handicrafts! Also, if you want to have local clothes from Shiraz, you can visit the traditional clothing stores of this attractive market.

In Haji bazaar, things like old chests, sewing supplies, colored fabrics, Termeh, old utensils such as pots, dried fruits, and local clothes, and other things such as sanitary ware can be found.

Not to forget the structure is also very old, so while shopping you can always enjoy checking out the beauties of ancient architecture of this historical attraction. because the combination of colorful fabrics of traditional clothes in shops, along with the less seen design of bazaar and with dome roofs has given a special feeling to this place.

At first glance, you may not see a good image of the market, but if you walk inside the bazaar, you will notice that this place is very historical and not just commercial.

4- Mesgarha Bazaar

Mesgarha bazaar (coppersmiths bazaar) in Shiraz is a place with a traditional and old atmosphere, located on Lotfali Khan Zand street and Darb-e-Shazdeh neighborhood. This market is one of the remnants of the Caesarea market.

The distance from the bazaar to the tomb of Hafez is about 15 minutes by car and Khan school (historical landmark) is 6 minutes on foot. In the old days, this place was a thriving market, full of copper chambers. Although the number of these shops is not a lot these days, it is not without merit to see the remaining shops left.

Here mostly you see clothing and cosmetic stores, but there are still old coppersmiths who have kept the business alive. You can see the making of copper utensils up close and watch coppersmith artists work with hammer and buy their precious products.

The Mesgarha bazaar is very similar to the Vakil bazaar. Its roof is artistically designed, and some of its shops are underground. The earthquake that shooked Shiraz during the Qajar period caused a lot of damage to this market, but it was rebuilt later on and regained its former prosperity after that.

5- Khalij-e Fars Shopping Center

Opportunities for shopping in Shiraz are not limited to traditional markets and many modern and newly built shopping centers are operating in this city for years.

Khalij-e Fars (Persian gulf) shopping center is one of the most famous and attractive shopping centers in Shiraz. The facility has space for stores covering 450,000 square meters and is known as the second commercial complex in Iran and 12th biggest mall in the world.

Among the divisions of this complex, which is definitely the best shopping center in Shiraz, we can mention 2500 commercial units with welfare facilities and having many world-famous brands.

28,800 square meters amusement park, cinema with 6 separate halls, car parking with a capacity of 5500 cars, a Sports hall (gym, swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi), numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and 5-star hotel, etc are other facilities of Khalij-e Fars shopping center.

 Hypermarket stands on the first floors of the complex and there are billiards and bowling alley for adults along with amusement park equipped with more than 100 types of rides and games without age restrictions.

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6- Setareh Fars Shopping Center

Undoubtedly, one of the most touristic streets in Shiraz has long been the famous Afifabad street. And Setareh Fars shopping center is one of the relatively modern commercial and entertainment complexes on this street, which is 20 years old and almost everyone knows it, and tourists more or less come here to shop.

Although other large hypermarkets have been built in Shiraz for many years, this shopping center still has its fans. This establishment with 9 floors, has an area of ​​45,000 square meters. Different floors of this compound offer you different options.

This shopping center has about 450 commercial units offering various merchandise, including clothing, cosmetics, digital, etc., most of which are sourced from the free zones. On the top floor, the food court and the playground are very well equipped, of which bowling and billiards are very popular among youth and there are all kinds of games for youngsters.

In addition to these facilities, Setareh Fars shopping center also has a variety of coffee shops and restaurants with Asian, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian cuisines that give you the experience of trying international foods. The complex also has a large parking lot (open to the public), nonetheless often faces heavy traffic.

7- Hamoon Mall

 Hamoon mall is one of the luxury shopping centers in Shiraz, which is established on 9 floors with more than 70 commercial units and facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, amusement parks, elevators, and escalators. This shopping center has a outdoor unique lighting and its beautiful and modern display attracts the attention of every tourist.

The goods offered in this shopping center include men’s and women’s clothing, bags and shoes, perfumes and colognes, cosmetics, watches and glasses, gems and jewelry, cell phones, and digital goods, decorative and luxury accessories, a variety of art products, and food products, leather products, etc., which are sometimes offered with reputable and prominent brands.

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8- Zeytoon Fars Shopping Center

Zeytoon (olive) shopping center, also known as Zeytoon Fars entertainment-commercial complex, is located in the commercial hub of Shiraz, next to its large bazaar. The geographical location and structure of the building make this complex completely different from other similar buildings and introduce it to everyone as part of the lasting architecture of Shiraz.

The building of this complex consists of 12 floors, which in this regard is one of the highest commercial complexes in Shiraz. The center has 400 stores, 3D cinema, several restaurants and coffee shops, and an amusement park. This establishment also has three floors of public parking that can accommodate up to 500 vehicles at a time.

9 – Aftab Fars Shopping Mall

Aftab Fars shopping mall is located in Ma’ali Abad street and is one of the massive shopping centers of Shiraz city. The eight-story complex, with 33,000 square meters of infrastructure, includes 237 stores.

In the store section of this complex, you can buy a variety of products. Also, 3 floors of the structure are dedicated to office units and two floors are public parking.

The entire establishment is equipped with heating and cooling systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency power. There is also a metro station near this shopping mall so that visitors can easily access the place.

10- Soltaniye Shopping Center

Soltaniye shopping center in Shiraz is one of the most luxurious malls in the northwest of Shiraz. The location of this shopping center is excellent because it is located in Motahhari square and has easy access to important streets and the citizens of Shiraz and foreign travelers can visit the center from 9 am to 10 pm.

In addition to commercial units, the mall has two famous cafes. If you need a tailor for any reason, your needs will be met as soon as possible. Another feature of this commercial center is having a sports club, which is located in the basement of the mall and it is open every day from 6 am to 12 pm and provides services such as sauna, Jacuzzi, topical massage, bodybuilding, consulting and selling all kinds of supplements to clients.

If you close by, you should visit the shops of this commercial center because their goods are very stylish and special and they will tempt you to buy them.

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