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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Isfahan

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Eating in traditional and modern restaurants in Isfahan can be as much as sightseeing, fun, enjoyable, and a new and exciting experience.

Among the historical cities of Iran, Isfahan is one of the tourist cities that has many attractions and encounter a large crowd of travelers every year.

This spectacular city hosts visitors from all over Iran and the world who have traveled there to visit its historical, natural, and modern attractions and prefer to eat the famous dishes in the recommended restaurants.

As some travelers mentioned in their reviews, they have enjoyed the high quality, delicious, and unique meals at very reasonable prices there.

In this article, we are going to introduce the best restaurants in Isfahan so if you are planning to travel to Isfahan and you like to try good food now and then, this list can be very helpful for you:

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Shahrzad Restaurant

Shahrzad restaurant is one of the oldest and recognized restaurants in Isfahan, which has a great reputation among locals and tourists.

This restaurant is decorated with turquoise tiles, Qajar carvings, and has a good location in Chahar Bagh Abbasi (street). If you visit historical attractions such as Khaju bridge, Zayandeh Rud, or stay in Ali Qapu hotel in Isfahan, do not forget this place, because your distance from this restaurant is less than 5 minutes on foot.

The reasonable price of this restaurant and the taste and aroma of Tahchin and their special “Shahrzad Mahiche Baghali Polo” has motivated many tourists to visit this restaurant, so if you are looking for a secluded place to spend a few hours, this place is not for you.

Stunning stained glasses, classic designed plastered ceilings, and traditional Persian architecture, lights, colors, and most importantly the quality of food; are factors that have made Shahrzad popular with travelers.

There are some favorite dishes on the menu of this restaurant and Khoresht Mast, a very loved appetizer among locals is one of them.

Azam Beryani Restaurant

Azam Briyani is a top-notch restaurant in Isfahan that is famous for serving delicious Briyani, an extremely appetizing and well-known dish among the people of Isfahan which is very loved and special for them.

Azam Beryani restaurant has a secret recipe for Biryani and prepares this dish with fresh ingredients such as minced lamb. This dish serves with fresh Sangak bread, Doogh, and various side dishes.

If you go to Isfahan, be sure to visit Biryan Azam and try this food. The place is crowded, but they bring the food to you very quickly.

Do not be fooled by the small size of the restaurant, rest assured! you will not regret eating here.

Biryani Azam restaurant has 4 branches in the city of Isfahan.

Ghasr Monshi Restaurant

The historical house of Ghasr Munshi used to be the residence of one of the ministers of the Qajar kings.

These days, the historic house has been completely renovated and part of it has been turned into a hotel called Ghasr Monshi hotel which is a prominent hotel in Isfahan.

In the courtyard of this mansion, there is a restaurant that is open to the public. By going to this restaurant, not only you have visited this historic building, but also you have a chance to enjoy your meal in a spectacular and different environment.

In addition to Iranian people, this restaurant has been able to attract the attention of many foreign tourists and become one of the best restaurants in Isfahan.

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Toranj Food Complex (Hovanes house)

According to the evidence obtained in the reconstruction process, the construction of the Toranj historical mansion dates back to the Qajar period, the early reign of Nasser al-Din Shah.

During 4 years of effort, the restoration process was completed and now Toranj food complex, with a taste of original Persian culture has a glamorous and pleasant atmosphere which includes four sections: a restaurant, a soda shop, a photography studio, and a coffee shop.

Toranj restaurant in Isfahan serves a variety of local and international dishes, herbal teas, and traditional drinks as well.

In the photography studio, you can create an unforgettable memory by wearing the gorgeous clothes of the Qajar period.

This restaurant is located next to the Armenian Hovhannes church in Charso neighborhood and its original owner, Mardiros Davidian was from Jolfa, Isfahan, and originally the head of the Cossack Brigade in the Qajar era.

Houger Restaurant (Dehdashti House)

Dehdashti house is a historical building belonging to the Qajar period and Hougar restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Isfahan stands in this establishment.

This beautiful restaurant with its delightful atmosphere and cozy Cafes has attracted the attention of many tourists. The cafe has an open space and a roofed place, which is why it has a lot of fans.

In Houger restaurant you can order a variety of drinks, beverages, Persian special herbal teas, coffee, Iranian and international food and at the same time visit the 400-year-old historic building up close.

Azadegan Cafe

Azadegan Cafe (better known as Haji Mirza) is more like an antique shop or museum than a restaurant and its ceiling and walls have strange decorations seeing as antique and old items are hanging everywhere. Of course, this innovative structure is part of the attractions of Azadegan Cafe.

People say that the tasteful owner of this place himself has collected these objects over the years and he is not willing to throw them away.

It is good to know that this coffee house had built during the Safavid period and was originally called the Khaste Khane (house of the tired folks) because people used to come here to rest.

The house was later renamed the Saraye Toti (parrot house), tea house, and later Cafe house.

This establishment serves hookah, Abgoosht in Dizi pots, and other dishes. One of the most famous meals that travelers mostly order at Haj Mirza is an appetizer called “Doogh and Gooshfil” which is very famous among people of Isfahan.

Haj Mirza coffee house may not be among the best restaurants in Isfahan in terms of quality, but it can be among the most touristic restaurants there.

Naghsh-e Jahan Traditional Restaurant

Colorful sash windows with old Islamic architecture style has doubled the pleasure of eating in Naghshe Jahan traditional restaurant. This dining room incorporates a combination of traditional and modern design, plus classic Persian music with captivating paintings on the walls creates happy times for you.

Naghsh-e Jahan restaurant is a distinguished restaurant around Naghsh-e Jahan Square, and for this reason, it is one of the busiest restaurants for lunch. So we suggest you come here for dinner if you are a fan of solitude and relaxation.

Of course, in the tourist season, it is usually not easy to find a vacancy in this restaurant, but from the long lines, you’ll realize that eating here is worth it.

Khoreshte Mast in Naghshe Jahan restaurant is called the best in Isfahan.

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Hermes Restaurant & Café

You can find the best Italian pizza in Isfahan in Hermes Restaurant (Julfa). In addition to its delicious pizzas, this Italian Café-restaurant is also known for its juicy steaks and the modern decoration, plus the attractive space of this restaurant has its own fans.

If you are looking for a place to drink high-quality coffee after a day of sightseeing, Hermes Restaurant & Café is a good choice for you.

Sharbat Khaneh Firuz

Sharbat Khaneh Firuz is a nostalgic and antique Café-restaurant whose old decoration has given a strange warmth to this place. In addition to the old decor, there are old menus with special dishes whose names are old and unknown for many people and vases with natural flowers standing on the tables which altogether have charmed up this restaurant tremendously.

The special offer of the Sharbat Khaneh Firuzis its delicious ice creams that have attracted the attention of all customers.

Grandma’s Table Restaurant

Grandma’s table restaurant is a small place with a very intimate atmosphere, run by a respected family in Isfahan with good taste, has located on Hakim mosque street.

The menu of Grandma’s table restaurant changes every week and lesser-known traditional Isfahan dishes are served in this establishment.

This cozy corner is known for its cheap and tasty food, and many foreign Instagram influencers have mentioned it in their reviews.

When you visit Grandma’s Table restaurant, you may be served a little late and sometimes it is hard to get a good table here, but eating at this place is enjoyable especially Isfahan Koofteh Berenji (rice dumplings).

Grandma’s table traditional dining menu includes a variety of Persian-traditional dishes like Kashke Bademjan, Elahe Sabz polo (Indian Almond rice), wheat meatballs, Kookoo Sabzi, Gheimeh Rize Nokhodchi, Dolma, Kebab, Shami, Koofteh Tabrizi, Abgoosht Nokhodchi and more than 10 other types of healthy, halal, quality foods that are served here.

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