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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Iran

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Over the years, many foreign tourists have traveled to Iran and you can well find out about the advantages of an exciting trip to Iran by simply read their Iran travel stories. Even many solo female travelers describe their trip to Iran very safe, fun, enjoyable, and extremely exceptional, and emphasize having a great time.

Here are some of the main reasons why tourists eagerly share their incredible and memorable experiences with others and after leaving Iran, they always look forward to returning there again.

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Iran Is a Safe Destination to Travel

Before traveling to Iran you should have an insight into how safe can be your journey.

According to International SOS, as the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, “travel risk map 2020” shows that traveling to Iran is as safe as other major tourist destinations with a record of more than 39.5 million foreign visitors in 2018!

Launched by global risk experts International SOS in collaboration with Control Risks, the Travel Risk Map 2020 indicates the danger level of different countries based on 4 important factors threatening travelers such as violence, security, and emergency services, the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters, and the efficiency of the transport infrastructure are taken into consideration.

The results that you read on this map shows, despite the imposed sanctions on Iran, and media coverage about this country, Iran is a safe place for you to travel.

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The Iranian People Are Very Hospitable

In Iran, wherever you go, no matter who you are or what country you are coming from, you are welcomed. The Persians are very hospitable and have a good point of view about foreign tourists.

Everywhere you go, men, women, and even children, for no reason, in the streets and stores greet you with “Welcome to Iran!” “Welcome to our country!”

Persian people are very inquisitive and impressive, shop owners invite you to have tea and sweets with them. They smile and initiate a conversation with you, their English isn’t always perfect but they try very hard to communicate with outsiders or they may even ask you to have dinner with them and their family. You shouldn’t always say yes, because most of them might be “Taarf”, (a tradition that most Iranians use as a way to be nice to others, but actually don’t mean it) but it is pleasant to encounter their delightful attitude.

Locals even help you take pictures and don’t let you feel alone in a strange country and with any sign of trouble, there is always someone to assist you.

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Be Alone With Yourself In Nature

Contrary to popular belief, the atmosphere in Iran is very calm and unlike many areas, you can easily take photos anywhere. Locals are very sociable and are very happy to be the subject of your next photo.

One of the most exciting things you will experience while traveling to Iran is untouched nature.

Traveling in the desert and wilderness of Iran is enjoyable in a very strange and different way and you will reach areas where you can sometimes be alone with yourself and there is no sign of crowds and selfies and the invasion of cameras.

Wherever you go, whether you like it or not, people will help you. If you encounter a problem during your trip if you had trouble reading signs or a travel map, the people of Iran are there to give a hand and quite frankly they are eager to help you with very friendly behavior and the locals will not let you feel alienated too.

Iranian Men Respect Women

One of the interesting points that many solo travelers have mentioned is the respect and high opinion of Persian men toward women.

Of course, it cannot be said that all behaviors are always 100% positive and some take advantage of the situations, but overall, if you honor  Iranian culture and traditions, they will treat you with utmost admiration and praise.

One suggestion to encourage this mutual respect is to have appropriate and modest clothing as women travelers. You don’t need to wear a black and long Chador (Hijab), as a female tourist, something that you probably have seen in media coverage against Iran, rather you can bring loose, long and colorful clothes with you and having a beautiful scarf as a hijab is enough.

Many female tourists who have traveled to Iran mentioned perfect security and peace they have faced there with surprise.

And you can read their fascinating stories of Iran in many blogs and travelogues websites. You can read about how they traveled by bus and train alone at night, to distant parts of Iran and what an exciting journey they had, sightseeing, having wonderful foods, and meeting new interesting people.

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Iran Has Many Known And Unknown Sights

No doubt Persepolis is probably the most famous historical site in Iran, but it is not the only historical site in this country. From ancient Persia to modern Iran, it is a long historical journey that you can experience in your trip and visit historical monuments belonging to different periods.

There is no end to sightseeing the architectural wonders of Iran.

If you visit a mosque, a palace, or a Persian bazaar, you will see artistic and stunning decorations. It does not matter if you are inside or outside an Iranian building, in any case, masterful Iranian architecture is definitely something that attracts you as a tourist.

Every city, town, and even village in Iran has its own handicrafts. and even economic sanctions have not blinded the artistic taste of Persian people.

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Persian Food Is Very Delicious

Iranian food is new for foreign tourists and its delicious and exceptional taste is unforgettable. Their dishes are fresh and nutritious which serves on large plates that are more than enough to full you.

Some Iranian dishes are national and you can find them anywhere in Iran, but some dishes are specific to certain regions of Iran and can only be found in certain provinces or regions.

From pistachios to black tea, saffron and kebabs and baklava, every food and sweet you eat in Iran has its own unique taste and pleasure.

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Iran, One of The Cheapest Tourist Destination

Many foreign tourists when traveling to Iran are happy with the good prices and it can be said that Iran is an economically safe country to travel.

Cheap travel prices in Iran have been emphasized by tourists everywhere. The entrance fee for sites and tourist attractions in Iran is very low compared to different parts of the world.

Whether due to sanctions or the devaluation of the national currency, travel to Iran now is very cheap.

And intercity travel by train and bus is also very cheap for foreign tourists and they do not have to pay exorbitant fees for accommodation in hotels and dinner in restaurants.

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Experience A Truly Reliable Trip

Probably because of sanctions, Iran does not have much trade with western countries. But this country can still be proud of its products and its various production fields, from food to textiles and ceramics. Iranians are also proud of their culture and traditions and along the way, you would notice that they never miss an opportunity to explain what you may see, eat, hear, etc. in different parts of Iran.

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