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Shopping in Tehran

Where to Go Shopping in Tehran, Ultimate Guide

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Shopping in Tehran, as the capital and largest city of Iran, with the most facilities and services compared to other parts of the country, will certainly not be a difficult task.

There are traditional bazaars in Tehran that are relics of the past and still managing to maintain a steady position. The city is also full of malls, shopping centers, and large and small commercial complexes, some of which have become very sure-footed and famous in recent years, most of them are in the northern and northwestern parts of the city.

We are also witnessing the emergence of new big shopping centers in Tehran and the options have increased especially in the more crowded streets.

Here we are looking to introduce the best markets and shopping centers in Tehran that have had the most fans so far, first, let’s just look at some markets with more reasonable prices, then we move on to more luxurious shopping centers for expensive tastes.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran grand bazaar is a very large complex consisting of all kinds of stores and you can find almost any type of products here and compare to other markets, the variety of goods in this bazaar is incredible.

The biggest feature of this market is its relatively low and reasonable prices, even in an expensive city like Tehran. In fact, it can be said that in terms of price, no other shopping center in Tehran can compete with this big market.

Tehran grand bazaar located in the 12th urban area of ​​the capital also has very interesting and traditional architecture, with obvious classic portals written in Persian calligraphy, a relic from the past that can be considered as a pastime for tourists and those interested in history and visiting old and historical bazaars. However, to visit this market, you must have the patience of the crowds and the slow movement of people sometimes, because Tehran’s grand bazaar is, without exaggeration, the busiest shopping center in Tehran.

Mirdamad Shopping Center

Mirdamad is one of the commercial neighborhoods of Tehran and Mirdamad shopping center is the most famous commercial building in this area, also known as one of the longest malls in Tehran.

The Mirdamad shopping center is reputable for its bags, shoes,  clothing, decorative accessories, and so on with good qualities and reasonable prices along with different merchandise.

Like most other shopping malls in greater Tehran, Mirdamad shopping center has numerous restaurants and coffee shops, and various facilities like exchange office, housing agency.

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish traditional bazaar situated in the Shemiranat neighborhood of ​​Tehran leads from one side to the famous Tajrish Tekyeh and Imamzadeh Saleh mosque, and from the other side to Quds Square and Tajrish Square, and connects the two old neighborhoods of Sarpol and Tajrish. A market where you can buy a variety of goods, fresh and delicious and sometimes bizarre fruits and vegetables, traditional Persian meals,  various handicrafts, and many more and return with a different and vivid experience; where many tourists refer to it as a nostalgic place and visit it again at the first opportunity.

Tajrish traditional bazaar is also one of the historical markets of Tehran, stands in the heart of the historical and memorable neighborhood of Tajrish and you can touch the atmosphere of old Tehran to some extent.

In addition to sightseeing in this old market, you can go to various restaurants and cafes here.

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Bamland Shopping Mall

Bamland shopping mall is actually a recreational-commercial center that has been established recently in Tehran and attracts people from all over and offers a good time and a modern shopping experience.

The Bamland shopping mall currently houses 68 clothing stores, 20 restaurants, 5 entertainment complexes, and 20 cafes. The working hours of restaurants and cafes are different, so if you go to this establishment, make sure to know the working hours of each place. The atmosphere of this shopping center is relaxing and more than anything, it is made similar to abroad malls.

Upon entering this shopping center, a view of the Chitgar lake (also known as the lake of the martyrs of the Persian Gulf) is in front of you. The most significant difference between Bamland and other shopping centers in Tehran is the open space around here, not to mention entertainments like amphitheaters, hockey ground, boats, and more awaits you.

One of the most important pastimes in Bamland is going to the restaurants of this complex. These restaurants are scattered in different phases of the place and on different floors, and some of them have a space for eating with a view of the lake. In this way, by going to the Bamland shopping mall, you can enjoy shopping while having a pleasant day unwinding.

Iran Mall

Iran mall, the largest shopping mall in the middle east near Bamland is 32 hectares and is located in an endless area in the west of Tehran. This establishment has many sections that if you want to visit them all, you will have a long walk ahead.

Iran mall has both traditional and modern sections, creating a very attractive and complete recreational-commercial complex with a variety of entertainment opportunities such as Hyper Star, an entertainment center, an auto show, gyms, library, cinema halls, food court, Mahan garden, mosque, squash court, skating rink, gallery, cafe, and even traditional bazaars and Persian gardens which makes it a unique complex for fun and entertainment.

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Kourosh Mall

Kourosh (meaning Cyrus the Great) mall, one of the most fashionable and recognized shopping centers in Tehran, stands on a land area of ​​9500 meters and is both recreational and commercial.

This very large complex can entertain you for hours in its spectacular space, especially considering having amphitheater, cinema halls, hypermarkets, and amusement parks. Also, the Kourosh cinema campus, with 12 theater, is the largest one in Iran, which has gained fame these days.

There is a variety of items in Kourosh mall, so it is safe to say that for every taste and every financial level, a commodity can be found here. Goods such as gold and jewelry, home appliances, clothing, bags and shoes, baby store, perfume, cosmetics, kitchen appliances, toys, food, and nuts, etc are available here. Access to the Kourosh complex is also very convenient due to the geographical location of this center.

Palladium Shopping Center

The Palladium shopping center is one of the most luxurious malls in Tehran;  it is known for having very high price products.

A chic shopping center, located on Moghaddas Ardabili street with a very large collection of facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, skin and body massage, beauty salon and beauty clinics, pharmacy, amusement park, and even car wash are also included in this shopping center.

Of course, you will find many restaurants in the Palladium shopping center, and all kinds of food courts, cafes, and restaurants on different floors of Palladium can provide you with very convenient and quality services whenever you want.

But about the type of shops available in Palladium, you should know first of all that most of the goods offered in Palladium are from reputable and very famous brands and naturally have very high prices.

In the Palladium shopping center, you can find all kinds of clothes, bags and shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, home appliances, decoration accessories, and many other items.

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Vanak Shopping Center

Vanak Square is one of the busiest places in the capital and for that reason, Vanak shopping center has become one of the most famous markets in Tehran.

We must say that Vanak shopping center is most suitable for women; because the main goods here include jewelry and ornaments, women’s clothing including coats, underwear, sportswear, ball gowns, bags, shoes, and cosmetics. Of course, some businesses also sell men’s clothing, bags, and shoes and among the commercial units here, you will surely see some other shops with different products as well.

In recent years, many shopping centers have been built in Tehran, but Vanak shopping center continues to operate without the slightest change. The view of this place, especially at night, has a unique charm.

Milad-e Noor Shopping Center

Milad-e Noor shopping center, other popular malls in the northern parts of Tehran, placed in district 2 of greater Tehran and, like most shopping malls in the north of the capital, mostly offers merchandise with high quality and of course expensive brands. The complex is more than 15 years old and has 357 stores, but still thriving like the early days.

This commercial complex has six floors, the sixth of which is mostly dedicated to providing amenities and services.

One of the biggest differences between Milad-e Noor and many other shopping centers in Tehran can be considered the variety of quality brands offered in this place. So it is unlikely that you want to buy a product from a specific and reputable brand and do not find it here.

One of the attractions of this collection is a dedicated floor for buying jewelry and a floor for sleeping goods. As you must have guessed the price level in this shopping center is high.

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