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Iran – A different point of veiw

Iran – A different Point of ViewBy Franz Scheurer The first time I went to Iran was to photograph the saffron and barberry harvests and I loved the place so much I went back, and back and back… and I will be going back, again. Iran, portrayed as the baddie by western propaganda is nothing like it’s painted by malice and jealousy. What the west can’t control...

Dignity & elegance 🇫🇷

Though I faced big problems and unacceptable behavior from the HOTEL.INFO travel agency (which fortunately have been solved thanks to the help of some of the APOCHI employees), I keep a very good memory of my travel in Iran and, most of all, of the Iranian people I had the opportunity to meet. Though most of those people were living in difficult conditions, they...

Love at first sight

I had the chance to visit my beautiful Iran in 2012 and since then I had to visit it every year! I had had few Iranian classmates abroad so I already travelled there with a good impression, knowing that Iranians are welcoming and warm hearted. The artchitecture, food just make the journey more spicy! I recommend to start from Tehran, then continue to Kashan, Esfahan...