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Despite COVID-19, I loved Iran

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I was In Iran from Feb 12 to March24. This country has it all including seamless visas in arrival (excluding neo-fascist states). The people are the kindest you will ever meet, prices crazy cheap, landscapes that are awe-inspiring, historical cities and monuments would put Europe to shame. The streets are safe, unlike America and many parts of Europe.

I visited: Yazd, Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz. On my last night, I was stopped by the “much-feared security police!” After brief introductions, I was taken to their favorite shawarma restaurant for dinner. The night I left the hotel management gave me a beautiful prayer mat as a gift.  That is the face of Iran!

I lived in Italy for a while and often I was reminded of it. Is this what Italy was like before mass tourism?

Do yourself a favor and visit before mass tourism wrecks this country. It ticks all the boxes and regardless of what your media tell you….couples do kiss in parks and hold hands, women would come up to me and shake my hand and cars full of young girls would call out to me in a flirtatious manner! Everything you have read about Iran from the West is probably inaccurate, outdated, or propaganda.

WATCH NOW: Media impact on Iran.

Open your minds and hearts and give Disneyland a miss this year

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