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Lots of great memories from Iran

I have lots of great memories from Iran but one of my favorites is when my dad and I went on a road trip to Mazandaran. It was snowing really hard and the roads were very slippery so we had to drive really slow. But then the snow caused a lot of traffic and our heater was broken since we forgot to get it fixed before going on the trip. So long story short we were in...

Hitchhiking 1500km around Iran!

Hello everybody! I don’t know how to start this topic but I have to stay it was incredible and unbelievable. I decided to travel to Iran in 2k19 for 3 weeks and my plan was to hitchhike all the way and guess what!? I made it! I started in Tehran all the way down to Hormuz Island. I met the best people on the planet who helped me in difficult times, who invited me for...