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The top 5 best football teams in Iran

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Are you familiar with the best football teams in Iran? You must have heard the name of Ali Daei, who holds the record for most goals scored in men’s football (all-time men’s international top goalscorer with 109 goals in 149 caps). If you are a football fan, never miss this text about the top 5 best football teams in Iran.

Esteghlal and the Persepolis team are the main hubs of Iranian football. For many years, these two clubs have been one of the most powerful football teams in Iran. Even residents of other cities in Iran are fans of these two teams. Besides these two teams, there are some other popular teams such as Traktor, Sepahan, and Foolad,

In the continuation of this text, we will deal with the top 5 football teams in Iran. Stay with us.

Esteghlal, The first among the best football teams in Iran

Esteghlal team one of the best football teams in Iran
Esteghlal team one of the best football teams in Iran

The literal meaning of “Esteghlal” is freedom and autonomy. This team of Tehran, formerly known as Taj and Cyclists. Four young men named Mirzaei, Nawab, Khashayar, and JananpourIt established this team in 1323. In addition to them, Khakzad, Giti, Grish, Kalani, Mahdiun, and Hosseini were other members of the club. This football team is now one of the best football teams in Iran.


The former name of the club was inspired by the Pahlavi crown. During the greatest period of the club’s activity before the Iranian revolution, this team had the same name, and the fans of this team were also known as Taji. After the revolution, the name of the team changed. Today, with the name of Esteghlal, it is among the best football teams in Iran.

Statistics and records

Esteghlal Club is the most honorable football club team in Iran. This team has a total of 36 official provincial, national and continental championship titles. The first official championship of Esteghlal Club is the championship in the Tehran Clubs Cup 1326. The latest Esteghlal championship is the championship in the Iran Cup 1396-97.

Esteghlal is the most experienced team among the teams in the highest level of Iranian football. It is the only team that is still active in the highest level of Iranian football since the 1320s. Also, the only team that has held national club trophies in Iran since the 1940s.

Farhad Majidi was one of the best captains of this team. In 2010 he was recognized as the most popular player in the world. The goalkeeper of this team, Hossein Hosseini also holds the record among goalkeepers in the history of Iranian football by keeping his goal closed for 872.

The Persepolis

This famous club in Tehran is one of the best football teams in Iran. Ali Abdo established it in 1342. He was active in the fields of bowling, volleyball, and basketball. Abdo came to Iran from the United States and won the boxing championship in the American sports community. For a long time, he had the idea of creating this football team.

After the dissolution of the Shahin team with the tact of Amir Massoud Boroumand and the consultations of the late Dehdari, some of Shahin’s previous players were included in the second division of the team and arranged a match with the team of Jam Abadan (which was a famous team at that time). All the members of Shahin joined the team and gave popularity to the new team.

Persepolis fans, the second among the best teams in Iran

This club has many fans. According to the polls, this Club has been introduced as the most popular football club in Iran. According to the official website, the club values its fans very much. Although this Club is located in Tehran, it has fans all over Iran. In matches, many people go to the stadium to cheer them on. The club also has fans in the UAE and Qatar. “Persepolis is known as the most popular club in Asia with more than 30 million fans,” writes Adel Ferdowsipour in World Soccer magazine. The Asian Football Confederation ranked this team higher than Saudi Al Hilal and Dalian China club in Asia. The record for the largest number of spectators in the history of the Premier League is related to the game between this team and Sepahan in the seventh league.


This team has the honor of  31 official championship cups. The Club has won 12 championships in the Iranian Football League. This team has also won the Iranian National Cup 5 times and the Iranian Super Cup 2 times. It is also the third most honorable team in the Asian Cup and the most honorable Iranian team in the Asian Cup. The capital’s whites reached the final of the Asian Champions League as the third Iranian team. This popular team reached the semi-finals in 2017 and finished third in 1997, 2000, and 2001.

If you search for the word Persepolis, you may find other results. It is also the name of one of the most famous historical monuments in Iran. Read more: PERSEPOLIS

Tractor, One of the best football teams in Iran

Tractor Tabriz, among the best football teams in Iran
Tractor Tabriz

Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing Club is one of the best football teams in Iran. It was established in 1329 by interested and sports-loving managers such as Engineer Rastgar and Hossein Ardabili with basic facilities. In the first steps, players such as Hesam Golzar, Hamid Allaf Banai, Yaghoub Abazari, Reza Foroughi, Samad Rasouli, Dariush Haj Rashidi, Rahman Ghargish, Seyed Afsahi, and… were present.


Traktorsazi was in the same group with Al-Jazeera Emirates, Al-Jaish Qatar, and Al-Shabab Saudi Arabia, and after a stormy start and Pergol’s victory against Al-Jazeera in Yadegar Imam. The team’s results gradually fluctuated until a victory, a draw, Four defeats, and four points. It results in the elimination of our country’s representative in the first Asian experience. The results were not great, but after this, Traktor was among the best football teams in Iran.

In 2014, Tractor Manufacturing also ended its second Asian presence with failure. This team was in the same group in Group C with the teams of Al Ain of the UAE, Al-Ittihad of Saudi Arabia, and Lekhwiya of Qatar. This team finished its work in fourth place, as in the previous year. In the end, the team was at the bottom of the group table with one win, two draws, three defeats, and 5 points, and again failed.

Finally, after three periods of failure, the tractor manufacturers celebrated their promotion to the knockout round one week earlier by presenting admirable games and achieving excellent results.

Sepahan, One of the best football teams in Iran from Isfahan

Sepahan, One of the best football teams in Iran from Isfahan
Sepahan Isfahan

This Club of Isfahan is another one of the best football teams in Iran. It that was founded in 1332 in Isfahan. The club is currently in the Persian Gulf Premier League. The owner of this club is Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan. Sepahan is the first Iranian team to reach the final of the Asian Champions League. The only team from Iran to participate in the 2007 Club World Cup.


 This team is the first and only club that was able to defend its championship title in the Premier League for the second time in a row. So Sepahan was champion for the third consecutive year. Sepahan is the only team that has been able to win three consecutive seasons in the history of the Iranian Football League. Sepahan is also one of the proud teams of this cup with four championships in the National Cup. So it is clear why Sepahan is among the best football teams in Iran.

Sepahan is known as a club with proper organization. By winning the 2002-2003 season as the first non-Tehran champion in the history of the Iranian Football League, it ended the domination of Tehran teams.

The final of the Asian Champions League

Sepahan from Iran and Urawa Red Diamonds from Japan reached the final of the 2007 Asian Champions League. Sepahan football team played against Urawa Red Japan football team on November 7, 2007. The final round ended in a 1-1 draw. Mahmoud Karimi Sepahan’s team scored a goal in the 47th minute. The return match between Urawa Red Japan and Sepahan Iran was hosted by the Japanese team. Sepahan had beaten the Japanese team Kawasaki Frontal in the quarter-finals of the tournament. So did not face the Japanese team again this time. The Urawa Red football team won 0–2 to win 1–3.

The Foolad Khuzestan team

Foolad Khuzestan team in Iran
Foolad team

The Foolad team was established in 1973 with the name of South Ahvaz. In 1374 it was renamed Foolad Khuzestan.Ahvaz Steel is one of the best football teams in Iran. Sepahan has professional football schools and foreign coaches. So this team introduces prominent players to the country’s football.


No one knew about the Foolad Khuzestan before the fall and dissolution of the South Ahvaz football team. This team started its activity in 1986 with the formation of a football team. This team was managed under the auspices of the National Steel Company. It started work from the fourth division of Ahvaz by gathering a group of talented and anonymous young people from the region.

This team entered the second division league of Khuzestan 2 years later. In the first season of the presence in the category, the team became a champion and advanced to a higher category. In the second year of his presence in League One of Khuzestan (1374), he became a champion.

Foolad could not obtain a license to participate in the Premier League in the 2007-87 season. Sepahan Novin Isfahan becomes a Premier League team, went to the Premier League instead of this team.

We hope this text has given you good information about the top Iranian football teams.

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