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Abgoosht also know as Dizi, The Narration of Persian Family Ceremonies

Abgoosht (Abguşt) in dizi pots Every nation has its comfort and social foods. Dishes play an influential role as a social object that interacts with people at the table. These recipes are more than just something to eat. Abgoosht (Abguşt) also know as Dizi is a unique, national, and comfortable course in Persia. Relatively new, but shows the best of the culinary...

Travel experience Iran: backpacking in Iran

Iran, in my opinion not only the most beautiful country in the Middle East but also one of the most beautiful countries I have visited so far. The country has enormous diversity. Iran has amazed me at the beauty of the country and the hospitality of the people. Is backpacking in Iran possible and safe? Hell yes! As a woman, I decided to go backpacking alone in Iran...

Best Cheap Hotels In Shiraz For Backpackers And Young Travelers

Finding cheap hotels in Shiraz, especially in springs can be tricky considering, many tourists come here to smell the Orange blossoms and enjoy the freshness of the gardens. like other tourist-attracting cities, Shiraz has luxury hotels but also a lot of cheap affordable accommodations, for those guests who are not in a position of spending too much for staying the...

A unforgettable month in the country of hospitality

Most travelers who have been to Iran would say the same. Iran is a country of hospitality. When you travel and visit other countries, you sometimes experience hospitality, not only in Iran but in many other parts of the world. But you can not get this much hospitality in a place, in A country. The amount of hospitality that you get in Iran is seriously blowing your...