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Meybod Ceramics, Yazd, Iran


yalda night

Yalda Night The Longest Night of Year

Traditional Yalda Night Table Yalda Night or Shabe Yalda (شب یلدا) is one of the most significant Iranian celebrations. The celebration is of profound history and meaning. Iranians worldwide celebrate Yalda on December 21st (30th of Azar), when the earth follows its yearlong pilgrimage around the sun. The northern hemisphere of the earth starts to experience longer...

Cinema - denise-jans-unsplash

The 5 Best Places for Cinema in Iran

Did you hear the name of Asghar Farhadi? If you are one of these people, then join us to introduce the 5 best places for cinema in Iran. The recent reopening of cinemas has been great news for film and cinema lovers. If you are one of these people, then join us to introduce the best cinemas in Iran’s metropolises. Tehran is one of the best destinations to go to...

iran new year

TOP Things You Need to Know About Nowruz (The Iranian New Year)

Every year more than 300 million people celebrate Nowruz on the 21st of March; But what is Nowruz? Where are its commonplaces? And how do people celebrate it? Haftseen Table- Persian New Year The Most Important Event of the Solar Calendar Nowruz (in Farsi: نوروز) is a Persian term referred to as the Persian new year that literally means a new day or, according to...


Abgoosht also know as Dizi, The Narration of Persian Family Ceremonies

Abgoosht (Abguşt) in dizi pots Every nation has its comfort and social foods. Dishes play an influential role as a social object that interacts with people at the table. These recipes are more than just something to eat. Abgoosht (Abguşt) also know as Dizi is a unique, national, and comfortable course in Persia. Relatively new, but shows the best of the culinary...

Kashan coffee shops

Best Kashan Coffee Shops | Kashan Travel Tips

Get to know the Kashan coffee shops better, so that during your trip to this land, you will get the opportunity for a moment of tranquility and peace in a nice atmosphere. of course, the traditional and ancient city of Kashan can be considered one of the most tourist cities in Iran. Mostly because it hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year...

THE 10 BEST Historic Sites and Landmarks in Tehran, Iran

Landmarks in Tehran can be considered the subjects of a long and exciting journey in time for history lovers waiting to discover unknown at every stop. Tehran, the Capital of Iran, an enormous and seemingly modern city with tall skyscrapers and new buildings, in fact, is very old and has a book of historical secrets in its heart. Tehran is a piece of history, a piece...

Mosques in Isfahan

Top Historical Mosques in Isfahan That Amaze You!

Historically, the mosques in Isfahan have played an important role in the formation of communities. Religiously, they were among the busiest places and had considerable sanctity among the people. But we should not forget the unique architecture of these historical places, the incredible designs created by the great Persian masters that delight every tourist. Isfahan...

3 Caravanserai located in Kermanshah province

The peak of the caravanserai period in Iran was the Safavid period when Shah Abbas Safavid decided to build 999 caravanserais in Iran. An exact document as to whether or not 999 caravanserais were built is not available, but what is clear is that 54 of these caravanserais remain in Iran today and of these 54, 3 of them have become the share of Kermanshah province...