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A story tale about Iranian bread

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We are French…5 trips to Iran in less of 2 years, that means how much we fell in love with Iran and its people.

As French, in our country,  we are supposed to get daily the best bread in the world…of course the famous « French Baguette »…

In a funny way, when arriving in Iran, our first longing is to find Iranian bread. It is so different of our bread, so delicious…It is like one little and important ceremony to take part on the country when arriving in the land.

It is really easy to find one artisanal bakery through the streets, our smell indicates the place to go!  Then we have the pleasure to make the queue with Iranian people, all curious and wanting to know « which country are you from ? » . Many friends got during the queue and such pleasure to talk with them.

When it is our turn to order, bakers astonished to serve foreigners, and making some show while mixing the paste and talking to us.

The fresh and hot bread is then delivered in a wide and clear plastic bag . Of course it is not heavy but  we hand it both, as if we both worry than one could be the main owner.  The bread is so smelling, so hot, so tasty. We are walking throughout the streets while eating piece by piece such treasure, swearing it is the last piece we eat .

The final story is that Iranian bread never, never get to our Hotel room.

We are feeling free like kids with no parents talking « that’it ! now stop it ! »

The plastic bag always empty at hotel!

Eating Iranian hot fresh bread, definitely one of the best experience around Iran, even in the most little villages, cooked by people in their proper homes.

And always such happy times of exchanges. and fooood!

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