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iranmehr hotel shiraz

IranMehr Boutique Hotel: A traditional house in Shiraz, coming from Qajar Period

The Qajar house is the last generation of Iranian houses, it is the result of several thousand years of architectural experience in each generation and in each period then a functional-decorative element has been added to this collection. Some of them were mostly for the rich, like mirror decorations and painting, some of them were not for the rich and the poor, they...

persian gulf

Explore Emerging Beach Destinations in Iran: Places Only Known for Local People

Home to nearly 3500 kilometres of coastline, southern Iran is a legendary destination for beach lovers.  Each city and village located along the Persian Gulf is packed with natural beauty, clean beaches, historic architecture, and super-friendly local people.  When you start searching for the best Persian Gulf’s ports, you come across many incredible...

Where to Shop in Isfahan, Malls, and Bazaars

Surely, as an aspiring tourist, you want to know where you can shop in Isfahan, one of the seven largest cities and among the most visited tourist destinations in Iran. Thanks to its many wonderful historical sights, which attracts many tourists from inside and outside the country every year. So in this regard, the city of Isfahan has considered by many a busy one...

Iran 🇳🇱

Iran is een ongelooflijk fascinerende reisbestemming die geen enkele bezoeker onberoerd laat. De belangrijkste reden hiervoor is het ongelooflijk warme en gastvrije karakter van de Iraniërs! Naast cultureel interessante bezienswaardigheden boeit Iran ook wandelaars, wintersporters en trekkingfans. Een bijzondere reisbestemming is de beklimming van de hoogste berg van...

Naghshe Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran

Welcome to Iran

The 1st sentence that came from the locals was “Welcome to Iran”. Was approached every single day. Couldn’t count the number of times people have offered me all kinds of assistance in Iran – and never, do they expect anything in return, – never. The locals took so many selfies with me and it made them so truly happy to meet me. It is really the...