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iranmehr hotel shiraz

IranMehr Boutique Hotel: A traditional house in Shiraz, coming from Qajar Period

The Qajar house is the last generation of Iranian houses, it is the result of several thousand years of architectural experience in each generation and in each period then a functional-decorative element has been added to this collection. Some of them were mostly for the rich, like mirror decorations and painting, some of them were not for the rich and the poor, they...

A story tale about Iranian bread

We are French…5 trips to Iran in less of 2 years, that means how much we fell in love with Iran and its people. As French, in our country,  we are supposed to get daily the best bread in the world…of course the famous « French Baguette »… In a funny way, when arriving in Iran, our first longing is to find Iranian bread. It is so different of our bread...

Cafe in Shiraz

Fell in love with Iran

I traveled to Iran with my friends in September 2019. Steeped in history, nature, culture, myth, and delicious cuisine (especially keebap know as Kebab). Read More: TOP 10 Dishes you must try in Iran its biggest attraction in our opinion is its beautiful, friendly and hospitable people (and of course hoshkel women). Having traveled a lot we came to the conclusion...