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Mosques in Isfahan

Top Historical Mosques in Isfahan That Amaze You!

Historically, the mosques in Isfahan have played an important role in the formation of communities. Religiously, they were among the busiest places and had considerable sanctity among the people. But we should not forget the unique architecture of these historical places, the incredible designs created by the great Persian masters that delight every tourist. Isfahan...

My Spiritual Tour of Iran’s Grand Mosque

The holy city of Mashhad welcomes visitors and pilgrims alike to experience the spiritual wonders and colorful bazaars the city has to offer. BY: Wahyuni KamahPrinted in The Jakarta Globe on October 24, 2014 Traffic … traffic,” my driver Reza said desperately as we neared my hotel in the busiest area of Mashhad on a sunny day. Mashhad, Iran’s second-largest city and...


My Masshad 🇵🇱

Travel from Warsaw VIA Paris and Muscat to Teheran. After flight from Warsaw to capital city of Iran I change airport and fly to Mashhad. I spent four days in this city. My hotel was located near Holy Mosque in this city. I went 2-3 times daily to mosque. It was amazing. Incredible. Time which I spent with other muslims in Holy place. I felt this atmospher when I...

Travel to IRAN as a female

In this video we asked our customers about “Travel to IRAN as a female” Travel to IRAN as a female   Sorry, it’s a bit difficult for me but…I think he not only the crap happens to handle it I want to be speaking for female tourists but …It’s not difficult just wearing some Hijab will be fine I thinkYeah like a really is a female it’s a...

Atigh Congregational Mosque Shiraz

Atigh Congregational mosque, Shiraz, Iran

Atigh Congregational mosque, this 9th-century mosque is the oldest mosque in Shiraz which is also known as Adineh mosque the Persian word for Friday. It’s located in the old quarter of Shiraz with rather easy access to Shah Cheraq shrine–another tourist attraction in its east corner – The mosque was built by the order of the ruler of that time (Amro Leis Saffari)...