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Travel to IRAN as a female

Travel to IRAN as a female

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In this video we asked our customers about “Travel to IRAN as a female”

Travel to IRAN as a female


  • Sorry, it’s a bit difficult for me but…
  • I think he not only the crap happens to handle it 
  • I want to be speaking for female tourists but …
  • It’s not difficult just wearing some Hijab will be fine I think
  • Yeah like a really is a female it’s a little difficult for my wife I come to Iran about 25 times but not my wife never come here since here have a special religion custom
  • I’m not quite sure but I’m traveling with my family with my sister my mother as well so I think I guess it’s a good place for the family as well 
  • Some conditions about viewers out there’s one thing for Hijab that’s all 
  • Female tourists in Iran! Yeah, I think it’s OK because I come here with my partner and female too we got our visa on arrival easy
  • For females to travel in Iran? The delegation I was traveling with there we were represented with three women and three men and I haven’t heard my female colleagues complaining about anything I mean I think it is a general sense of the would I would treat it equally as us, yeah 
  • I don’t think there’s any problem at all 
  • Difficult I guess I mean I think the toilets outside Tehran will be would be a difficult factor for them
  • I’m Muslim from China I was born there. Most of the family from China in China is for the female is a little free right here should have “Chardor” yeah mostly is a woman in the office at home now to how do you say is Chardor is OK no charger is also OK it’s free but when they go to the mosque death that is a different here you go to street you should follow the hearings customs yeah you should the so especially in the summer the woman feel difficult.
  • I think basically there is no difference yes there is maybe even more respect to uh to two ladies then you have in other countries because there is much more attention to feed to female into today then we have in other countries Europe states or wherever 

If you have any idea or experience about female traveling in Iran, please share it here. We would like to hear it.

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