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The 5 Best Places for Cinema in Iran

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Did you hear the name of Asghar Farhadi? If you are one of these people, then join us to introduce the 5 best places for cinema in Iran. The recent reopening of cinemas has been great news for film and cinema lovers. If you are one of these people, then join us to introduce the best cinemas in Iran’s metropolises.

Tehran is one of the best destinations to go to the cinema in Iran. You can spend a fun and healthy time in their halls. The action of Tehran Municipality in the construction and support of modern cinema campuses was very successful. For this reason, this industry has made significant progress in recent years. As a result, Iranian movies have significantly entered the international arena, and cinema in Iran attracted everyone’s attention.

Tehran currently, has 24 premium cinemas equipped with a total of 51 theaters. Including the Charsoo, Kourosh, Raga, Mellat, Azadi, Zandegi, Tamasha, Farhang, Kian, and Razi cinema campuses. These examples are among the well-known cinemas in Tehran; However, choosing the best cinemas in Tehran is a relative matter. In addition to Tehran, other cities in Iran also have prominent and famous cinemas. So let’s start by reviewing 4 examples of the best cinemas in Iran:

Cinema Pardis Mellat, a beautiful cinema in Tehran, Iran

Mellat cinema gallery in Tehran, Iran
Mellat cinema gallery in Tehran, Iran

Would you like to watch the best Iranian movies next to one of the most beautiful parks in Tehran? in a beautiful cinema in Iran? So we offer you Mellat Cinema Campus. The designers of this spectacular project are Reza Daneshmir and Katherine Spridonov, the founders of Fluid Motion Consulting Engineers.

Pardis Mellat has four cinemas. This cinema has a capacity of 280 people and one hall for special screens with a capacity of 30 people. You can also find painting and photography galleries, cultural product stores, beautiful and special cafes with a pleasant view of the park in Mellat Cineplex.

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The Azadi cinema of Tehran

Azadi cinema in Beheshti street, Tehran
Azadi cinema in Beheshti street, Tehran

Azadi Cinema is one of the oldest cinemas in Tehran. This Cinema was opened in 1969 with the name “Farang City”. It is one of the cultural hangouts of Tehran and one of the best-selling cinemas of this city. It was at the time of Star Wars that the film attracted the attention of film lovers. A few years later it became the best-selling cinema in Iran, setting an unprecedented record in film sales.

Today, this complex has 5 cinemas. It includes the main hall with a capacity of 600 people and four 200-seat cinemas. In addition, Azadi Cinema Campus has facilities such as two restaurants, three coffee shops, and four commercial floors. All these facilities bring a more attractive and pleasant experience for visitors.

Lale Park Cinema, Tabriz

The Lale Park cinema in Tabriz, Iran
The Lale Park cinema in Tabriz, Iran

, One of the best cinemas in Tabriz with several halls is located on the upper floors of a shopping center called Laleh Park. By visiting this cinema, in addition to the pleasure of watching the latest Iranian movies, you can also visit the restaurants of this shopping center and enjoy the traditional food of Tabriz.

This cinema campus is located in the pleasant climate area of East Tabriz and front of the red mountains of this city. Due to this feature, you can also stay in the hotel related to this complex.

Cinema City Center of Isfahan

City Center cinema in Iran
City Center cinema in Iran

Another cinema in Iran that we will talk about, is the Isfahan City Center Cinema Campus. It has been operating since 2016. It is one of the 14 most popular cinemas in Iran. The complex consists of eight halls, each of which belongs to only one art department and specializes in a specific field of art. Five of these halls offers very high-quality sound; In such a way that the audience in each part of the hall receives the same amount of sound.

Simorgh Cinema, Mashhad

Simorgh cinema
One of the best cinemas in Iran, Simorgh cinema

You may think that the first cinema campus of Iran has been opened in Tehran, but it is better to know that Simorgh Cinema Campus is the first cinema complex in Iran. This cinema with 1200 seats is one of the best modern cinemas in Iran.

The cinema was renovated a few years ago. Now has 5 theaters, 3 VIP lounges, and advanced video projectors with Dolby audio system. To visit this cinema, you have to go to the north side of Madar Square located in the Sharak-e Gharb in Mashhad.

Famous figures of cinema in Iran

If you are a big fan of the cinema industry, you must be familiar with Iranian cinema and its famous figures. Cinema in Iran was highly regarded from the very beginning and until this day, it has presented first-class and famous artists to the people of Iran and the world. In the following, we will introduce one of these people to you.

Asghar Farhadi

Asghar Farhadi
Farhadi, The Oscar winner Iranian director

Farhadi is an Iranian director, screenwriter, and producer who has won many Academy Awards, Golden Globe, and international awards, and one of the bright names of cinema in Iran. Asghar Farhadi was born on May 7, 1972, in Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan Province.

 He started his artistic activities at the age of 13. then he made 16mm and 8mm short films after joining the Khomeini Shahr Young Cinema Association. He staged his first play at the age of 22 when he was a student. For the next five years in his career, he also wrote on the radio besides writing for the theater. After that, he experienced his first professional appearance in cinema and was nominated for an award.

The most prominent works of Asghar Farhadi

He has created important movies that have attracted both groups of audiences and critics all around the world. He also has won important awards for his films Which gave new life to the cinema in Iran.

Nader and Simin, A separation

A Separations by Asghar Farhadi
A Separations by Asghar Farhadi

In 2010, the director released his cinematic masterpiece and the most glorious movie in the history of Iranian cinema, namely “Nader and Simin, A Separation”. This film represents a part of a couple’s life. Differences and separations between this couple affect the life of another family. It creates a set of moral dilemmas for the two families.

The movie won more than 50 prestigious international awards in 2010 and won the first Golden Globe Award and the Oscar for Iranian Cinema in 2012.

The Salesman

The Salesman
The Salesman, A great film in Iranian cinema

Farhadi directed and wrote the film “The Salesman” in 2015. In this film, Shahab Hosseini collaborated with this director as the lead actor for the third time and Taraneh Alidosti for the fourth time. Farhadi won the Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival for this film. Shahab Hosseini also won the Best Actor Award, as well as winning Asghar Farhadi’s second Oscar.

Everybody Knows

Frahadi's "Everybody Knows" Film
Frahadi’s “Everybody Knows” Film

He made the film “Everybody Knows” in 2018. This film was made in Spanish by the appearance of two Hollywood superstars, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, in two main roles. The film premiered at the opening of the 2018 Cannes International Film Festival and was nicely acclaimed.

Pre-revolutionary cinema in Iran

Iranian films before the revolution
Iranian films before the revolution

The Pahlavi government in the face of many unemployed youths, and worried about their future, made films with the stories of poor and unemployed characters who were happy despite their miserable lives (such as Ganj-e Qarun, directed by Siamak Yasemi in 1965) to draw hope for the future by portraying the ideal of an achievable city and believing in luck.

Before the 1978 revolution, in addition to the significant attendance of Iranian films at world film festivals, the country itself had become an important host for international film events around the world. The Tehran International Film Festival in the 1970s was the most important film festival in Asia and the only Category A festival in the eyes of the International Federation of Producers in Asia.

Cinema in Iran after the revolution

Top films of the cinema in Iran, After the revolution
Top films of the cinema in Iran, After the revolution

After the revolution, the new government first limited filmmaking. Then, in the case of propagating Islamic values, they provided financial assistance to the directors. Around the 1990s, the enthusiasm of the first revolution was replaced by the demands of political moderation and better relations with the West, and Iranian cinema flourished. The reform of cinema in Iran began during this period.

In fact, there are many well-known figures in Iranian cinema, but to avoid getting tired, we only checked out Asghar Farhadi’s cinematic career in detail. We hope you enjoyed reading this article about cinema in Iran.

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