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Travelling in Iran in 2018

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We were two elderly women travelling alone. We had been with a larger group of friends on the Silk Road but parted company with most in Turkmenistan and crossed the border. We were a little apprehensive but by the time we had settled into Mashhad we realised that we need not be nervous. We had booked our hotels independently and were met everywhere with unfailing courtesy.

The train journey to Tehran was a delight. Everyone in the carriage wanted to speak with us and an English speaker soon came forward. People shared food with us and were Keen to know about us and our country.

Tehran was equally positive. One night we were out and weren’t sure how to get back to our hotel. There was no taxi in sight but three schoolgirls came to the rescue and walked us back to the hotel.

For the next stages of the journey, to Isfahan, then Yazd and Shiraz, we hired cars and drivers to take us between cities. Again the drivers were always courteous and helpful.

We really enjoyed seeing the wonderful sights in each place. It is a magic country and the people were amazing. I would recommend it to anyone as a tourist destination.

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