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Kashan, Iran

An unforgettable trip to Iran in 2019 – 🇩🇪

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In april 2019 I traveled to Iran as I had heard from friends that this country must be wonderful with a lot of culture and friendly people everywhere. Since some years I’m a woman solo traveler but I must say that – from the very beginning – I felt comfortable and very safe. I met lots of people offering help without pushing me but just glad to make friendship with a foreign tourist. People in Iran are proud and its justified due to their very old interesting culture everywhere. I have seen nearly all well-known cities, such as the capital Teheran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan. Apart the fantastic nature, the wonderful mosques, monuments and bazaars I must emphasize that I was surprised to know so many open-minded, friendly people all the time: starting from taxi driver to guide. Iran is a real jewel and I wish very much to travel there again once corona situation will allow it. I did organize my trip by my own – its very easy to take a bus or train ( same as in Europe). I made a lot of friends and we are always in touch.

I have traveled all over the world but can honestly say that Iran is a very special, wonderful country and worth to be visited.

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