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Shafeie Mosque
Shafeie Mosque - Kermanshah, Iran

Shafeie Mosque

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Most of the people of Kermanshah are Shia and like the other cities in Iran, there are one or two synagogues, three or four churches, and a mosque that is for Sunnis. The mosque that belongs to the Sunnis is called “Shafeiie’ Mosque”.

This Mosque is one of the most beautiful and magnificent mosques in Iran, which has become a historical masterpiece over time. This mosque was built by a group of Sunni benefactors.

The architecture of this mosque

The early building of this mosque is without minaret and dome and has changed over time and finally in 1989, by buying several houses around the mosque, spread a new style.

It is noteworthy that its architecture is inspired by the architecture of the mosques of the Ottoman Empire. The dome and semi-domes that are huge and strong, pointed minarets, decorations, and details of the paintings inside the building, beautiful inscriptions, thick columns, and high central space under the Islamic dome, all represent the architecture of classical Turkish mosques built during the Ottoman rule.

Shafeie Mosque

The structure of the mosque is metal. Its exterior is covered with stone and includes a dome with two 9-meter metal minarets in golden color next to it. The interior has women’s and men’s naves, a Cistern, a library, aside from space, and a shoe store. The main nave is located on the north side and has a half-floor with five columns. The altar of the mosque is located on the south side of the main nave and is covered with white marble and margins with black marble. This mosque has been a place of prayer and worship for Sunnis since .1947

Shafeie Mosque

Also, the interior view of this mosque, decorated with verses from the Holy Quran, has given a special spiritual spirit to the mosque.

In the current location of Shafeie Mosque, there is a pilgrimage center which was built in 1949 in Kermanshah with the help of many Sunni people.

There are four porches around the dome, which have been designed and executed with the inspiration of the roof and porch of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Shafeie Mosque

The columns are connected by arches and arches that symbolize the unity between Muslims and on the other hand is a symbol of the gates of divine mercy and forgiveness and are designed as eight paradises of different arc models in different styles.

Architecturally, three important factors of balance, equilibrium, and symmetry have been tried to achieve harmony between different styles.

In general, the architecture of the mosque is a combination of Razi, Isfahani, Maghribi, Shami, and Andalusian styles, which is beautiful and has been integrated and executed following all the principles of architecture and Islamic manners. the mosque is painted in turquoise, azure and green colors, which are the symbols and indicators of Islam, especially the golden color, which is the special desire of God Almighty, which is also mentioned in Islamic books, which itself causes the glory and grandeur of the project.

Shafeie Mosque

The activity of Shafeie Mosque

The Shafeie Mosque has been the place for Sunni prayers in Kermanshah since 1947.

Today, prayers are held only in the new mosque building, which is located next to the old building and is built in the style of Turkish mosques. Mullah Mohammad Rabiee was the Friday Imam of the Shafeie Grand Mosque in Kermanshah, who was martyred in 1996.

Where to eat near the Shafeie mosque

There are many shops for buying souvenirs in traditional bazaar of Kermanshah near Shafeie mosque,

Near Shafeie mosque and next to traditional bazaar, there is an old house called Soori’s house that has recently become a traditional restaurant, that you can not only use the Soori’s House restaurant to eat traditional Kermanshahi food but also enjoy the historical house & take a picture with local costums only in the night.

Shafeie Mosque Kermanshah
Shafeie Mosque

Where to stay near Shafeie mosque

There are small inns near Shafeie mosque, which are located near the traditional bazaar at a very cheap price. But the closest hotel to Shafeie mosque is the 4-star Parsian Hotel, Jamshid Hotel, and Sina Hotel. And the only Kermanshah’s hostel, the Oak hostel, is located in the historical context of Kermanshah and near this mosque.

The best time to travel to Kermanshah

The best time to visit Shafeie mosque is spring. Kermanshah is very beautiful in April and May due to its colorful flowers and pleasant weather.

Other tourist attraction

Other attractive tourist attractions near Shafeie mosque include Tekie Moaven-ol-molk and Takie Biglar Berigi that are located in the Kermanshah traditional context, Emad Al-Dawlah Mosque, Haj Shahbaz Khan Bath, all of which are located in the Kermanshah traditional bazaar, which includes numerous caravanserais and beautiful shops & stores & Tagh Bostan located in the northern of Kermanshah.

Location of Shafeie Mosque

If you want to visit Kermanshah Shafieie Mosque, you have to go to Javanshir Square or the old Topkhaneh Square. From Javanshir Square, you can see the spectacular domes and minarets of the mosque. The access road to the mosque is from the street, through an alley located on the southeast side of the square, Also Shafeie mosque is located in the traditional bazaar of Kermanshah

How to get to Shafeie mosque

To reach to Shafeie mosque, you can use public transportation such as buses or taxis.

By bus: Next to Bazaar, there is a bus stop, Se Rahe Navab in Hadad Adel (Modarres ) street.

By personal car: If you want to rely on a personal car, don’t worry about parking anymore because of the several proximity parking that worked in day & night.

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