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After much red tape, I made it to Iran for a 15 day cycling tour with Spiceroads in April of 2019. As an American, you are told many assumptions about Iran and its citizens. Friends and family back home were very concerned for my safety. Somehow despite all of the deterrents, I was determined to go and discover the real Iran for myself. It ended up being the best, most exciting travel adventure of my life. I was surprised to find no issues getting through customs for entry or exit. I was spellbound by the history and landscape of Iran and it’s cities. There is so much rich history dating back to ancient Persia! I loved Shiraz and Esfahan and Abyenah and Kashan the most. Tehran and Persepolis were also full of wonder. All these places were especially powerful to me because I knew I was seeing things that few Americans ever saw. Then there were the people of Iran–they were the kindest, most welcoming people I’d ever met in my travels, even when I shared that I was American! It warmed my heart that so many people innocently wanted to take a picture with me. Then there was the food! I love Persian cuisine–so tasty and flavorful. At times, I had to look harder because I’m vegetarian but I always found something delightful to eat. In the end, I am so happy I was persistent and made it to Iran. It is an experience I can never forget. By sharing my impressions, I have to act as an ambassador to change the American perceptions of Iran 🇮🇷

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