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Funny adventurous Iran

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We never travel with a group, we definitely like to stay free. We like that everyday, during a trip, destination can be changed  at last time in case of any opportunity, not written in a guide-book.

So we also accept mystery and any disturbing events too, with patience,  always confidence in our lucky minds.

Nothing better than to visit Iran with one Iranian private guide-driver who offers his knowledge of his proper country.

Iran is the best land to get astonished…

After visiting Persepolis, then Dariusz tomb, we entered the desert …Our final destination in the evening was Shiraz in the hotel.

Unfortunately the Seipa car stopped in full desert, breakdowned. Nobody around. No tourist. Our dear driver trying to repair the car, always confident and smiling. We never get worried at any time.

Got lost in the desert, at that time, a very little tiny car arrived from nowhere  with one Iranian couple living in Shiraz.

They went all around during one hour, looking at the situation. Then came back once again to offer help. Time goes on and on…

They offered to bring us to our hotel in Shiraz after talking with our driver. They talked together much and more in Farsi. The driver finally  decided OK for entrust us to them, after taking all garanties for our security.

We got 2 huge suitcases, but for Iranian people nothing impossible , even in such tiny car !

We travelled for 250km with strangers, quite impossible to talk together because they did not speak english neither french. But they spent their time to offer us almonds, nuts and cakes to eat.

We were turning like squarrels, eating and eating!

Arriving in front of our hotel in Shiraz,before leaving us,  our « savers » composed the driver’s mobile phone number and we could say that we were safe, had nice time and got on time to our confortable  hotel but a little bit feeling guilty to have left our guide, alone in the desert.

Our guide-driver arrived at 8 :00 PM at our hotel to take us to a restaurant. We still do not know how he managed the breakdown. But he was on time, smiling and dressed in a fresh jacket, ready to spend evening together in Shiraz, as if nothing happened.

We believed he was exhausted but we spent such one unforgetable last evening in Shiraz before taking our flight back to Tehran.

Uncredible adventurous Iran….

Any problem finds definitely its solution, thanks to Iranian people !

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