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Viatge a l’Iran

Trencant tòpics Perquè IranCarmeGlobe TrotterSeleGuiaL’antiga PèrsiaAixí es va dir fins al 1935, el dimoni segons els USA, és un país amb molta història, allí van començar algunes de les cultures de la humanitat.Divisió administrativaIran es divideix en 31 províncies.Idiomes que es parlen a IranL’idioma oficial i que el parlen pràcticament el 100 % dels habitants és...

Private road trip

Iran is an amazing country. Not only its natural beauty will inspire you, but also the kindness and hospitality of its people. Take the time to get lost in the streets of the beautiful cities of Tehran and Ispahan and let yourself be guided by curiosity. If you decide to go in the wintertime, there are several options to go skiing in the Iranian mountains North of...

Iran, what an experience 🇦🇺

The first time I was in Iran I fell in love with this country. So I had to return in 2020. Due to the current political situation and the resulting economical restrictions this country has gained a sinister reputation. When telling my friends my plans to visit Iran, they all expressed their worries: terrorism, thieves, burglary, women suppression. But I did not let...