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Gareban Village, Kermanshah, Iran

Gareban Village

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Introducing the village of Gareban in Kermanshah

Gareban is a village in the city of Harsin, 64 km from Kermanshah. This village has a special architectural style and special customs and Due to the Russian architecture of its buildings, has made it very attractive and famous among tourists that it can be said that there are few places in Iran with these characteristics and these features make this place unique for tourists.

Gareban Village

This village is one of the ancient monuments and tourist attractions of Kermanshah province and has been the burial place of many elders of Ahle-Hagh.

The village of Garehban in Kermanshah is a very sacred place for Sufis, and the reason for this is the existence of a place such as the “Ojaghe Hazrat Agha Bakhsh” and the other elders of this sect, including the parents and relatives of this sect.

Gareban Village

Who are the people of Ahle-Hagh?

Followers of the Ahle-Hagh religion are considered to be Shi’ite sects, originally living in Azerbaijan and later migrating to Kermanshah. However, the main center and place of worship of this congregation are Gareban, and the followers of this sect are doing their best to develop and take care of the affairs of Gareban Harsin village.

This sect has several names, such as Ahle-Hagh, Nasiri, Ahle-Sar, Yaresan, Ali Allahi, etc. One of the signs of them is not shaving their beards and mustaches to the extent that they cover their lips and have long hair, and they believe that Imam Ali (as) (The first Imam of the Shias) also does not beat his beard and they consider it a sin.

Gareban Village

The religion of the Ahle-Hagh is a combination of views and perspectives influenced by Islamic, Jewish, Indian, Zoroastrian, and Manichaean teachings, Christianity and Mehr, and the thoughts of philosophers. In the religious orders of the Ahle-Hagh, it is obligatory to implement the three Zoroastrian moral principles, which are “good thought”, “good speech” and “good deed.”

History of the village of Gareban in Kermanshah

It is one of the most important regions in the Middle East and Asia. One of the oldest signs of human presence in this village is related to the Paleolithic period, which has been proven by the discovery of several stone axes in the current Hersin region, which are estimated to be at least two hundred thousand years old.

Kermanshah province was used as a summer capital during the Sassanid dynasty and after the emergence of Islam and the arrival of Arabs in Iran and from the 11th century onwards, the Ahle-Hagh sect was formed and a tribe living in gareban was one of the sects of their branch.

Gareban Village

Order in the village of Gareban

One of the most important things to do in the village of Gareban is its unique order and architecture. The village has very attractive gardens and water features, and to reach the main building, you have to cross a large boulevard that is beautifully decorated with artistic flower arrangements. When you are touring this village, first of all, a path is closed by a guard, which is intended to enter the main mansion, and the reason for this is that this mansion is located in Fridays and even some months of the year are out of reach of tourists, and the reason for this is to take care of domestic affairs and special affairs and harvest the products of the village and perform special religious ceremonies for the residents of this village. Also, tourists should be informed about acceptance before moving to this village and visiting it.

Gareban Village

Royal Eid

Every year during the winter, the Atash Beigi sect celebrates for 5 consecutive nights. According to one of the elders of the Ahle-Hagh named Qushchi Oghli, this celebration is for the love of the five members of Al-Aba (The elders of the Shia religion(.

Gareban Village

Drink Sweets in the village of Gareban in Kermanshah

The villagers work in the fields of construction, including agriculture, horticulture, livestock and animal husbandry, cultivation and production of seedlings, flowers, and roses, and medicinal plants.

The brand of drink sweet of this village is famous in the world and drink sweat in this region are also exported to countries all over the world such as French for the perfume industry, also You can see how they are produced.

Sharif Gareban is one of its most famous brands. Due to the fertile soil in this area, tourists can buy original and quality souvenirs from this area and experience the unique local dishes of this region.

Gareban Village

Where to eat near Gareban

There are shops for groceries in Gharban, but for your own comfort, it is better to have food with you, and you can also use some restaurants in Harsin, The best coffee shop and restaurant in Harsin is Kasiet coffee, Ketabe Banoo coffee, and pizza coffee Classic.

Where to stay near Gareban

There is a place to stay in Gareban that can accommodate tourists, but sometimes these places are occupied for people belonging to this religion, and travelers must use some Hotels in Kermanshah or be guests of the people of the village in their home.

The best time to travel to Gareban

The weather in the city of Harsin and the village of Gareban is semi-arid, and the best time to visit Gareban is in the spring because of the colorful flowers of the village are beautiful and the space is beautiful for photography, Gareban also has a nice fall season.

Sometimes in May, August, November, and March, it is time to repair buildings, plant and harvest farms and gardens, and rest employees, and so on.

Note: Also, tourists should be informed about the admission before moving to this village and visiting it. Visiting the village is only possible in a few months of the year.

other tourist attraction

Gareban village is located in Harsin, Harsin is home to some of the ancient civilizations of the world and Ganj Dare neolithic settlement dates back to ca. 10,000 years ago. Also Sorkhe-Deh Rock Tomb, Is-haqwand Rock Tomb, Takht-e Shirin Platform, Stone Pool( Stone Watch), Gamasiab River, Dinawar Ab river, Sarmaj Castle, Noojiwaran Village, Harsin Park, Ghehr Bridge, Harsin Castle are located in Harsin.

Gareban Village

The access route to Gorban village in Kermanshah

After entering the city of Kermanshah, to go to the village of Gareban, you have to go to Shohada Square or Imam Khomeini Square Then, after passing the police building, you can see the road sign of Harsin, the route you are on it is Shahid Keshvari Boulevard, then passes through Faraman Industrial Town, and a few kilometers later at the intersection of Biston Town to the right towards Harsin and after Farash and Sulaimaniyah a dirt road starts which is eight and a half kilometers dirt road There is a lot of unevenness and it is devoid of any development. After passing through the villages of Shah Maleki, Garmiank, and Pasar, you will reach a crossroads that reaches the village of Gareban on the right.

Gareban Village

In total, this route is about sixty-one kilometers from Kermanshah to Gareban village and it takes about one hour and twenty minutes to reach Gareban village.

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