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iranmehr hotel shiraz

IranMehr Boutique Hotel: A traditional house in Shiraz, coming from Qajar Period

The Qajar house is the last generation of Iranian houses, it is the result of several thousand years of architectural experience in each generation and in each period then a functional-decorative element has been added to this collection. Some of them were mostly for the rich, like mirror decorations and painting, some of them were not for the rich and the poor, they...

best time to visit Iran

Best Time To Visit Iran

When is the best time to visit Iran? Considering Iran’s four-season weather, the answer depends on your preferences. You may have heard that Iran is a four-season country, which means you can find various activities from skiing to sunbathing in different parts of the country each time of year. However, if you wish to visit a particular city, it’s a good...


Is it safe to travel to Iran in 2021?

Since western media and news agencies have bombarded the public with negative news about Iran, many tourists wonder whether it is safe to travel to Iran? And in 2021, with the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic, this question gets even more severe. In this article, we will discuss the answer to this critical question. However, for those of you who are looking for a...



As you know, the issuance of Iran tourist visas has been blocked for about a year according to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The Tourism Organization of Iran intends to resume tourism activities that need the consent of the Ministry of Health. To this end, meetings have been held in recent weeks to announce action to reopen. The latest breaking news on...


THE 5 BEST Vegan Restaurant in Tehran: Find vegetarian-friendly food you’ll LOVE!

Are you a vegan and you are worried about traveling to Iran because of this? Take a deep breath and forget your worries… At these vegan restaurants in Tehran, even die-hard carnivores will want to go sans-meat… Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just searching for plant-based dining options, it’s good to have personal recommendations...

persian gulf

Explore Emerging Beach Destinations in Iran: Places Only Known for Local People

Home to nearly 3500 kilometres of coastline, southern Iran is a legendary destination for beach lovers.  Each city and village located along the Persian Gulf is packed with natural beauty, clean beaches, historic architecture, and super-friendly local people.  When you start searching for the best Persian Gulf’s ports, you come across many incredible...

The Best Winter-Sun Destinations in Iran | Travel Guide

Winter-Sun destinations are of the most important tourist attractions in the world. Wonderful places with unparalleled potential in attracting travelers from all over the world. Many people in the world do not like the winter cold weather. And they do not like to shiver in front of a burning fire in the cold as well. In fact, they prefer a warm and sunny place...

winter destinations

Most Stunning Winter Destinations in Iran | Travel Guide

Winter destinations in any country are among the features that show the tourism potentials, especially in cold weather. In fact, four-season countries like Iran are always ready for the arrival of tourists at all times. While many believe that winter is the season to stay home and rest, and spring and summer are the best time to travel. In the meantime, unaware that...