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Best Kashan Coffee Shops | Kashan Travel Tips

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Get to know the Kashan coffee shops better, so that during your trip to this land, you will get the opportunity for a moment of tranquility and peace in a nice atmosphere.

of course, the traditional and ancient city of Kashan can be considered one of the most tourist cities in Iran. Mostly because it hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Then recently, there have been good infrastructures in this city. And stylish and cozy cafes with acceptable and pleasant space are among these changes.

In that regard, a variety of food and drink, warm atmosphere, traditional and modern decorations, with attractive architecture are features of these cafes.

Therefore, Kashan coffee shops will host a large number of local youth as well as travelers and tourists.

A coffee, tea or a cool drink with a delicious appetizer will make a pleasant memory for you. Given that, let’s take a look at some of the top cafes in Kashan.

Café Baam

In the back alleys behind Saraye Ameriha, with its special mud-brick desert architecture, a quiet and cool place called “Bam” café (meaning the roof) has been set up. A place far from hot weather that you can enjoy the company and food and drink in pleasant comfort. In the meantime, having a view of very old buildings is fantastic.

Truly, sitting on the porch and cell-like rooms of one of the interesting coffee shops in Kashan, you can imagine the old houses of early times.

This café is located in the residential complex of the Noghli house. So after visiting the handicraft store, you can enjoy a glass of cool Sherbet or Persian tea on the rooftop.

The young, tasteful and very friendly staff of this café will surprise you with its attractive menu, good quality of ingredients used and excellent dish design. It should be added that the prices are very reasonable compared to cafes in Tehran and large metropolises.

It is easy to understand that this cafe used to be a residential house. A house with stylish elegance of use of tiles in design and architecture. Not to mention that it is a 2-floors building and like all the houses in Kashan, in the yard, has a tiny pool (Howz) with a fountain and fishes. The building has a space that was originally built for hot summer days. Nestled rooms with attractive cell-like spaces can be seen in this place. Most tourists go to this cafe to watch the sunset while eating which can be quite magical.

Avgoon Café Experience

Avgoon coffeeshop is located in the basement cellar of the Saraye Ameriha. So first you should enter the first courtyard. The one, known as the Ibrahim Khan yard, that has now been turned into a hotel. Then you go down a few steps and see a charming cafe in the cellar.

You can find a variety of hot and cold drinks, herbal tea, tea, and Sharbats, salads and sandwiches, desserts and ice cream, etc on their menu.

In general, it is an interesting experience. Besides, if you want to use the cafe or restaurant of the hotel, you do not need to pay the entrance fee to visit the Saraye Ameriha mansion. Of course, you have to show your bill to the guard when you leave!

Cafe Avgoon has made it possible for you to enjoy the taste of Iranian flavors and to touch the ritual of conversation and friendship of the past days in a cozy cellar.

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Café Shazdeh (Amirkabir)

Café Shazdeh (AKA Amirkabir)is a mobile café behind a Volkswagen car in front of the Saraye Ameriha. So Shazdeh is a unique street coffee shop in the middle of the historic city of Kashan. Furthermore, the menu of this small café only includes espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and traditional Kashan Sherbet. However, all choices are great anyway, as it can be boldly said that café Shazdeh is the best in Kashan in terms of quality and taste of coffees. So if you were sightseeing in the historical areas and saw this mobile coffee shop on the side of the street, be sure to try the unique taste of its coffee for once.

Also, near this café, there are usually art events such as reading plays, photo and painting exhibitions, which make the atmosphere of this café more intimate and comfortable.

Dopaza Café

Dopaza is one of the most popular coffee shops, located near Kashan old houses and Saraye Ameriha. This Italian café has attracted a lot of attention among tourists, especially foreign travelers. In Addition, there are many positive reviews and comments suggesting others to try it.

As they say, the friendly and hospitable manner of the staff of the cafe, very tasteful coffee, which some have described as the best in Kashan, along with other drinks and food is mostly the reason for people attending this cozy warm place.

One branch of Dopaza café is in Alavi street (formerly known as Mr. Coffee) and one branch is in Ghaznavi street of Kashan.

Café Kargah

Café Kargah (meaning workshop) is one of the modern coffee shops in Kashan, though built on a historical place. So the name of the workshop is from the previous use of its building.

While in old times, the city of Kashan has been famous for quality fabrics, craftsmen would work in various textile weaving workshops in the city  Kashan, known as “Shar Bafi”.

Meanwhile, the structure of the cafe Kargah is the remnant of one of the thousands of Shar Bafi of the Safavid era (dynasty era) in Kashan.  

Though the restoration of this historical house took 6 months, on the one hand, efforts have been made to preserve the originality of the building. on the other hand, they tried to equip the place with modern facilities.

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Hamman-e Khan Coffee Shop

Hamman-e Khan, a traditional café built on one of the historic baths in Kashan bazaar. This bath dates back to the time of Zandieh (dynasty era) and the ruler of Kashan at that time, Mirza Abdul Razzaq.

As mentioned in records, he was a fair ruler who worked hard to improve the situation of the city. A king who left behind a lot of legacies.

The entrance door of Hamman-e Khan with a gorgeous portal is located in Kashan bazaar. Of course, the tiling of the entrance is of great historical importance.

A few steps lower, you reach the Sarbineh (used to be the locker room of the bath). In the middle, there is a small Howz decorated with old bathroom utensils around it and surrounded by a big platform.

They provide Tea and hookah in this area and many visitors spend some time there. Furthermore, you can observe and walk through the narrow and winding corridors.

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Language Café

As some say, coffee is the common language of many people. So the language cafe will be the best place to have this common tongue by experiencing the best coffee.

Also, the use of wooden decoration has created a special atmosphere in this café. Next to the variety of other hot and cold drinks, the delicious ice cream of language café has gained a lot of fans as well. Cold dishes can also be a good choice for café lovers here. The language café is located in a cozy environment on Rajaei Ave, Mazochi alley of Kashan city.

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