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Iran is an amazing country. Not only its natural beauty will inspire you, but also the kindness and hospitality of its people. Take the time to get lost in the streets of the beautiful cities of Tehran and Ispahan and let yourself be guided by curiosity.

If you decide to go in the wintertime, there are several options to go skiing in the Iranian mountains North of Tehran where you will be able to witness Iran’s highest peak Mount Damavand, which reaches a little over 5600m. Or if you have some more time and you are mobile, you could head Southwest to Hamedan. But if you decide to go skiing, get yourself some real skiing clothes, because it’s freezingly cold up there.

Driving around Iran requires stainless steel nerves, but you’ll become very proficient in millimeter-driving in the big cities. If you travel from city to city around the country, however, the nice highways will take you anywhere you’ld want to go.

A must visit the place is Persepolis, where you go back to ancient history and experience what it must have been like living in those era’s.

Another place of which I feel deeply is the tomb of Hafez in Shiraz. Go visit this this sacred place after sunset and enjoy the beauty and peace it breathes.

When in Shiraz, there is a very lovely gardens you have to visit as well. It’s called Eram Garden and I could just walk all day in it.

Also in Shiraz and whether you are religious or not, whether you are a Muslim or not, you have to enter Vakil mosque. Let yourself be swept of your feet about its architecture and how the sun makes such a colourful play inside.

I would like to end with the place the most appealing to my imagination, the city of Ispahan. I won’t reveal too much details, just go there for a couple of days and let yourself be overwhelmed. (and go enjoy a nice shisha or ‘ghelyoon’ on a terrace or in a basement coffee shop)

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