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Persian Fairytale

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“I`m in Iran!”

That`s what I wanted to post during my vacations but could not decide which photos to share with the world. And the reason is the ultimate beauty of the country. My emotions were over the edge, too much feelings… too much photos to share…

So no posts during my trip. Only sightseeing, breathing this magic air, catching smiles of people, taking millions of photos, falling in love!

The punch line of all these letters and words is that everyone should ..no, everyone must visit Iran!

That’s an eastern fairytale coming alive, just like everyone imagined Persia in dreams.

Iran is not just a country it`s a huge unlimited Instagram photo zone. Each centimeter is so beautiful.

Persian architecture fascinates with the interlacement of lines, light and shadows, amazing complexity of carvings, endless curls of ornaments, and of course stained glass windows.

Local Traditional houses are unique secret worlds, where you`ve got a chance to make a time travel to medieval times. The courtyards are decorated with cozy pools, numerous fountains, and pomegranate trees with their branches sprinkled with pulpy saturated red-purple fruits. Some of them are ripened and cracked, so you can see the beauty of glossy seeds shining in the sun.

And you pull some seeds off and taste such a delicious forbidden fruit… (It`s much more easy to believe that it was not an apple, but a pomegranate… so attractive..)

It seems absolutely impossible to me not to fall in love with all of these peaceful sandy shades of local houses, cause what could you find more harmonious than natural colors. As we all know that nature is the best artist!

Even being in total and endless love with natural beauties, Iran, perhaps, is the most gorgeous man-made place I’ve ever seen!

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