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Restaurants in Shiraz

10 Absolute Best Restaurants in Shiraz

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Which are the best restaurants in Shiraz, as a bustling city with lots of travel and tourism, it can be a question in the minds of many foreign travelers?

One of the most important parts of any trip is finding the right place to eat for you and it depends on your priorities, in case of meals, cuisine, dishes price, dietary restrictions, and restaurant features.

As a tourist city, Shiraz, in addition to good weather, is also known for its delicious food. Shiraz restaurants themselves are one of the main motivations for travel there, places full of colors and lights and music.

Having a warm, intimate, and pleasant atmosphere is the main difference between restaurants in Shiraz and other cities. Besides, in the city of Shiraz, most restaurants have outdoor services.

Here are 10 well-known, popular, and thriving Shirazi restaurants:

1- Haft Khan Restaurant

Khan in Persian means tablecloth. Haft Khan restaurant (7 tables) means you have a complete set of foods there. Many people say that you can’t have a good trip to Shiraz without going to this restaurant.

Haft Khan restaurant is located near the Quran gate, Shiraz Grand Hotel, and Shiraz Royal Hotel and is a majestic restaurant. It has 5 different restaurants and 2 coffee shops, and each floor is dedicated to a private restaurant. In fact, whether you are a person who loves kebabs, or you are a vegetarian, or you love seafood, or your heart wants sandwiches and pizza or anything else, it doesn’t matter because this restaurant serves all of the above and more and all your wishes are fulfilled here.

There is always live music, and the place has a warm and intimate environment, it’s staffs are pleasant and it has an open space with a good view of the city, especially the Quran Gate.

The high price of Haft Khan restaurant may be a little annoying. You eat well and everything is perfect, but you also have to spend well. But let’s also say that any food can be eaten by two people and It’s worth a try.

Those who have gone to Haft Khan believe this place has the best steaks, although their Persian famous cuisine like Tahchin, Fesenjan, fish, and Lamb Kebab is delicious, and mushroom soup, tomato soup and pizza in this restaurant are very popular too.

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2- Soofi Traditional Restaurant

Soofi traditional restaurant can be considered one of the oldest restaurants in Shiraz. It has been serving tourists and locals for more than 20 years. An original and famous restaurant that it is unlikely not to have a reputation among domestic and foreign tourists.

This restaurant was previously built in the style of Qajar architecture (royal dynasty), but in 2004, it changed its decor and was upgraded to Zandieh’s architectural style.

After visiting Afif Abad garden while you just enjoyed the fresh air, Soofi restaurant is a good choice for dining to complete your day. Apart from the quality of food, the atmosphere of the restaurant and its architecture make you love the experience even more and convince you to visit it every time you travel to Shiraz.

The menu of Soofi restaurant is very diverse, But our golden offer to you is Shirazi Kalam Polo, not to mention the restaurant’s freshly baked bread that is one of the most delicious parts of the meal.

Remember that if you think about eating at this restaurant a little late, you may be in a long line; because, at peak hours, the Soofi restaurant is very crowded.

3- Parhami Traditional House

Parhami restaurant is located in a traditional house in the back alleys of the old neighborhoods of the city of Shiraz. This house is in fact, a small old mansion that has turned to a traditional restaurant nowadays.

Unlike the luxurious hotels, the spirit of life flows in this house; It’s like having a good feeling with those we love, just like Grandma’s house. Although 200 years have passed since the construction of Parhami’s house, the place has recently opened its doors to guests, who are fans of simplicity.

A beautiful yard with a small Persian turquoise pool, the fountain in the middle, goldfish in water, birdsong and traditional music, old windows, and of course, the fragrant scent of Shirazi foods and orange blossoms, are the things you experience together in the Parhami traditional house.

Since this house is located in the historical site of Shiraz city, you can visit the famous sights of Shiraz such as Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, and Shah Cheragh by walking around Parhami house.

Every day, four different dishes are serving in this beautiful restaurant. It’s a good idea to contact them before meals and make sure you like the food beforehand.

4- Sharze Restaurant

One of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Shiraz, which is also close to Zandiyeh hotel, is the Sharze restaurant. You visit the Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Bath and then you can have a great meal at this popular restaurant.

Sharze is a traditional restaurant, and the live-music playing there mostly consists of old classic songs. Prices in Sharze are not low, but the quality of the food here matches the money you spend.

Lari Kebab, Baghali Polo, and fish Kebab are some of the foods that customers have confirmed their quality in Sharze. Also, you should not miss the Kashk Bademjan and Shirazi salad in this restaurant too.

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5- Shapouri Garden Traditional Restaurant

Shapouri mansion is one of the old buildings in Shiraz, which has very beautiful architecture, and Shapouri garden restaurant is located in this establishment. You can enjoy the best Iranian cuisine in Shapouri restaurant, the building of which belongs to the Pahlavi period. The design of this restaurant is traditional and live music is always playing there. These features have doubled the popularity of Shapouri restaurant among the people of Shiraz and the tourists who choose this city as their travel destination.

The restaurant also has a pleasant outdoor seating area You can sit at one of the tables in this space for your dinner or lunch and enjoy your meal. Don’t worry about parking because one of the facilities of the Shapouri mansion restaurant is having a parking lot.

6- Baghe Raaz Restaurant

Baghe Raaz (Raaz garden), one of the most popular restaurants in Shiraz is located in the north of the city, in the pleasant neighborhood of Qasr al-Dasht, which delights every human being with its very beautiful, green, and natural environment.

The complex includes interior, outdoor and roof space. In each section, you experience a unique landscape and environment.

Sections are an orchid hall with a variety of Persian and western dishes, a garden eating area (Sepidar) with authentic Iranian and local dishes, a separate restaurant on the roof with Persian dishes and fast food, and finally, a Coffee-shop called Toranj.

The green lawns and tall trees of the garden create a graceful and pleasant feeling for guests. The quality of the food, the proper treatment of the staff, the beautiful landscape, and somehow high prices are the other features of this garden.

7- Berentin Restaurant

This large restaurant with a white beautiful exterior view and a terrace full of natural flowers has attracted a lot of travelers and tourists.

Brentin is one of the best and most famous restaurants in Shiraz that leaves fond memories for those who have tried the food there over the years.

One of the most delicious dishes at Brentin restaurant is Albaloo Polo (Cherry rice), Spicy Shrimp with rice and Tahchin, which will create memorable moments of your trip. French beef stroganoff here is highly recommended as well. Some people described this place as one of the most romantic restaurants in Shiraz.

Of course, Brentin restaurant is a little expensive.

8 – Kateh Mas Traditional Restaurant

Shiraz is crowded most days of the year, and the Kateh Mas restaurant is in the same situation due to its location in one of the city’s tourist areas.

However, this traditional eatery is also located in the most convenient part of Shiraz; that is, Namazi intersection, which means you can access Kateh Mas restaurant from anywhere in Shiraz.

Kateh Masis an all-Iranian restaurant, in the case of decoration, the food menu, and staff clothing which is all according to the original Iranian tradition. As an old tradition of Iranians, dishes are served on large steel trays and copper utensils.

When you enter, you go through a small wooden door and after going down a narrow exciting staircase you reach a large hall with a happy and traditional atmosphere. Live music is always performing in Kateh Mas restaurant.

9- Amiran Buffet Restaurant

Amiran is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Shiraz, which has a very magnificent and royal design. The restaurant space is not very large, but it has experienced and customer-oriented staff.

Amiran is the first buffet restaurant with a child care room in the south of Iran, which is one of the special features of this restaurant. Amiran has two menus, lunch, and dinner, both of which are varied. Serving food at this restaurant is not just a buffet and you can order as well.

Of course, this modern restaurant has a unique appetizer buffet next to the menu, which includes a variety of hot and cold drinks, salads, desserts, pickles, snacks, and dishes such as soups and Kashk Bademjan.

The restaurant’s lunch menu is full of Persian cuisine, and the dinner menu includes a large number of international dishes in addition to that. Breakfast menu and the buffet is also a popular feature of Amiran. The live music of Amiran magnificent restaurant is unique and has good singers.

Another noteworthy point is that, unlike many restaurants, in Amiran, chefs spend time decorating and designing the dishes, and eventually you will come across an amazing dish.

10- Lotino Cafe Restaurant

Lotino is one of the luxurious Cafe restaurants with Italian cuisine in Shiraz.

At first, the restaurant was only ready to serve its customers at night, but now the restaurant serves food both at noon and at night in a very glamorous space. This stylish restaurant is located in downtown of Shiraz and as a restaurant in Iran has a very unusual Italian design with both interior and outdoor halls.

The open space of this restaurant has a gorgeous view of the whole city. If you are looking for a restaurant with high-quality food, be sure to remember Lotino cafe restaurant.

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