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Shiraz Nightlife Guide, fun things to do as staying out late!

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If you are going to stay out late in your trip, wanting an adventure under a starry sky, Shiraz nightlife can become really magical, here some useful tips to guide you in your journey:

The historic city of Shiraz is one of a few tourist destinations in Iran, that has very lively nights, and you can find eventful and fun activities here, especially during night time.

The people of Shiraz are happy and passionate, and they stay out late and enjoy the nights to the fullest. Even the museums and religious places of this city are open very late, and the visiting hours might continue until pass midnight.

For those of you who like to enjoy every single moment of their trip to Shiraz, there are different options ahead that you can choose from.

Shiraz nightlife is dreamy and attractive and we have some suggestions for you here:

Tomb of Hafez

If you have a poetic mood, and your heart was longing for a mystical atmosphere in cool air at Shiraz nights, you can visit Hafezieh, the tomb of Hafez, one of the greatest poets of Iran. Here you can read poetry and breathe love and enjoy the traditional and interesting architecture. Visiting hours vary on weekdays, and the place is open at least till 10 p.m. The tomb of Hafez is also open on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until 11:30.

Chamran Boulevard

Another Shiraz nightlife that we recommend is Chamran Boulevard, one of the most important streets in Shiraz, which is beautiful in every way and has a pleasant atmosphere.

On the other hand, this boulevard is a communication, political, commercial, tourism, medical, and sports highway in Shiraz.

Chamran Boulevard is 5 km long and parallel to the Shiraz River and this has led to the creation of green space on both sides of the boulevard for picnics and other recreational activities.

Due to the popularity of Chamran Boulevard among the community, many people have started small and large eateries in every corner, and street foods here are becoming very popular these days.

Since Chamran Boulevard has very good access and communication routes with other parts of the city, small and large hotels and accommodations have been created around it, the most prominent examples of which is 5-star Chamran Grand Hotel. If you go to this boulevard, you will undoubtedly see the enthusiastic people of Shiraz who are doing activities such as sports, walking, and even cycling, which you can participate at any time.

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Nightlife in Shiraz markets

Spending time in the busy markets of Shiraz, is a good example of fun things you can do in the city, day or night.

A famous bazaar stands between 15 Khordad square to Qasr Al-Dasht square, and there are cheap and high-quality goods for sale, till the sunrise here. Buying fast foods and groceries from vendors is another activity you can do in this market.

Zand Street is home to another colorful night market, which is many times larger than the previous one. A very old-fashion night market that even when shopkeepers lower their shutters and close their shops, vendors take their place in front of shops. Zand Street night market is both for fun and shopping. You can see all the goods and commodities while walking.

For having a snack while strolling around the market, a more commonplace is Mali Abad Blvd in northwestern Shiraz, where you can taste good Shirazi Faloodeh, while shopping and have a nice dinner in modern restaurants afterward.

Mali Abad is also close to the Ghasr-e Dasht, the gardens of Chamran, and the heights of Drak, and in this respect, the climate is pleasant and excellent.

Purchasing at nights does not have to be limited to traditional markets. Shiraz also has many modern shopping malls like Setareh Fars shopping center, Hafez shopping mall, Aftab Fars shopping mall, and Zeytoon Fars shopping center, many of which are open almost until midnight.

Khalij-e Fars Shopping Center

Khalij-e Fars Shopping Center is the second-largest mall in Iran and stands in 12th place in the list of world’s biggest shopping centers.

The area of ​​this large multi-story mall, another Shiraz nightlife hob, is 500,000 square meters, which have an amusement park, gym, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, reception hall with 5,500 parking spaces, 2,500 commercial units, a cinema campus, and a five-star hotel. The nights of this complex are lively and full of passion for young people who want to have fun or enjoy shopping.

Don’t miss traditional dishes

The traditional cuisine of each city can be a new experience for you. In Shiraz, you can create a delicious memory with Kalam Polo (Persian cabbage-rice) and Shirazi meatballs, two of the most famous local dishes. Most tourists that visited Shiraz, recommended enjoyable nights, by eating tasteful foods like Dupiazeh Sibzamini, Havij polo, Shirin polo, etc.

Among the restaurants, you can visit at night are Shater Abbas, Haft Khan, Sharze, Soofi, Bagh Raz, Parhami garden, Sarayeh Mehr, Haji Baba, and restaurants in Vakil Bath and Shapouri Mansion. Restaurants in Shapouri mansion and Vakil Bath are located in the historic sites and eating there is both fun and memorable.

The seafood restaurant of the Shiraz Grand Hotel is also very suitable for those who are looking for a different and fresh taste of seafood plates.

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Quran Gate‌

Quran Gate is one of the few old gates left in Shiraz, although the current construction of this gate dates back to the Pahlavi era (Iran monarchy). The beautiful and colorful lighting of this gate has made it a spectacular night attraction in Shiraz. At nights, you can walk along the Quran Gate, or stay there for a night picnic with your family and friends. Vendors and Balal (Corn, the Persian way) sellers around the place will also completely change the mood of your night.

Shah Cheragh

last but not least amenable nightlife in Shiraz is Shah Cheragh, the mausoleum of the kings of lights. If religious environments are attractive to you in anyway or you are curious about the beauty of a fabulous Islamic architecture, I recommend you enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of Shah Cheragh at nights.

Shah Cheragh is one of the most important shrines in Iran, which with its gorgeous design and spiritual atmosphere, can create moments full of peace for you.

This shrine is the burial place of Seyyed Amir, the brother of Imam Reza (AS), and the local people have great faith in the spirituality of this place.

Beautiful silver doors and incredible mirror works on walls and ceilings, plastering, and not to mention enormous dome of this shrine are just a glimpse of its eye-catching beauty. Everybody can stay there at no cost, 24/7 hours.

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