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Best Gardens and Parks in Isfahan

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Gardens and Parks in Isfahan, places for tourists to rest, relax, unwind, have fun, and to spend an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the city, In a beautiful green space with suitable facilities.

Isfahan is a cultural city with unique historical sites that shines like a diamond in the center of Iran. Many travelers know this city because of its historical sites, which have a preserved, ancient and traditional civilization, however, you should not easily pass by the natural advantages, parks, and recreational centers, along the way.

The city of Isfahan has 37 million square meters of urban green space and in this regard, it has a high rank among the metropolises of Iran, with a variety of parks, each active and vibrant in its own way, and at the same time refreshing.

For this reason, we take a look at the top gardens and parks in Isfahan to get to know them better:

Nazhvan Forest Park

Nazhvan park, full of poplar (Nazk) trees (which is why it is also called Nazhvan) is located in an area of ​​12 hectares in the west of Isfahan.

Zayandeh Rud (River) passes through this garden, a remarkable corner of nature, making this park one of the most famous and distinctive parks in Isfahan.

There are many facilities for picnics, sports like cycling, volleyball and other group games in this tourism establishment.

Bird garden, butterfly garden, ornamental flower garden, and reptile garden are the separate specialized places, each has wonderful examples of natural creatures.

The view of the park from above on Chairlift is also fascinating and horse-drawn carriages take you around the park.

A big aquarium and dolphinarium are also wonderful attractions of this park. The huge aquarium tunnel is the first of its kind in Iran with a great variety of aquatic animals.

Parking, clean bathroom, buffet, coffee shop, restaurant, and prayer hall are also among the amenities of this tourist hub of Isfahan.

In the middle of this multi-functional park, there is a place for the safe presence of women, where it is possible to hold conferences, celebrations, and competitions.

Moshtagh Park

Moshtagh park, an approximately new-built structure, is one of the largest green spaces in Isfahan.

Moshtagh park overlooks the river and for this reason, also called the coastal park.

This park starts on the shore of the Zayandeh Rud from the Khaju bridge to the Shahrestan bridge and is a  good place for walking, exercise, and sports, as well as a place for a picnic. The tranquility of this place is exemplary.

Due to the playground for children and facilities for family picnics, it is a good place for family and friends to have fun.

The fall is very spectacular here and the sound of colorful dried leaves under your feet in the cool air fills you with peace.

Soffeh Mountain Park

Near the city of Isfahan, there is a high mountain called Soffeh with large rocks, which is usually a favorite spot for mountaineers and rock climbers. A park with the same name has been established around the mountain.

Soffeh mountain park has many facilities established to make a fun and entertaining environment for citizens and tourists.

With two cable car lines of Soffeh, which has 50 four-person cabins, you can visit Shahdiz castle, the roof of Isfahan, and the surrounding sights.

Isfahan bowling with an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters and 10 playgrounds, Soffeh Zoo, inflatable amusement park, restaurant, green space, accommodation area, ponds, and fountains are other facilities that make Soffeh park a suitable space for fun and relaxation.

On the one hand, Soffeh mountain can be seen from all parts of the city, and on the other hand, it gives you the best opportunity to see the stunning and different landscapes of the whole city of Isfahan.

Darvish spring (also called Khachik)  and Pachenar spring are two natural attractions that have made this park unique.

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Bagh-e Ghadir Park

Bagh-e Ghadir (garden of Ghadir); with an area of ​​more than 52 hectares, is another park located in the east of Isfahan, which is both a cultural and recreational complex and a lovely garden.

Recreational activities at the park include a swimming pool, massage parlor, tennis court, bowling alley, and a four-dimensional cinema, as well as cultural facilities such as a public library and a children’s home.

Allameh Amini Library located in the park provides more than 12,000 volumes of books with a mechanized system to scholars.

A memorial monument to Allameh Amini, including a museum, has been established in this park. A complex with two special halls for art exhibitions and educational workshops is also a place for holding conferences, celebrations, and ceremonies.

Fadak Garden

In the northeast of Isfahan, Fadak park with an area of 85 hectares and 47 thousand trees and shrubs was built in 1996.

Large green space and abundance of trees have made air here very refreshing, also a fantastic artificial lake along with amenities, in the east of the park, a children’s playground and skating rink, a library and reading room, drinking water, W.C, parking, various rescue and police teams and a fire department, all together have made this park a suitable and pleasant place for camping and accommodation of travelers.

Flowers Garden

One of the most attractive parks in Isfahan is the Flowers garden, which has different parts with various designs of captivating and colorful flowers that will catch the eyes of any viewer for hours.

The designer of this park has made the passages in such an amazing way. This interesting garden has a multi-purpose recreational, cultural, educational, and research function and has a special charm due to the use of traditional architectural art as well as original Persian gardening.

More than 700 different plant species can be seen in the Isfahan flower garden and this park consists of different parts such as pond and waterfall, open amphitheater, greenhouse, rock garden, rose garden, Japanese garden, and playground for children.

In the middle of the flower garden, inspired by Persian hand-woven carpets, an area of ​​more than 1800 square meters with flowers for each season has given a magnificent look to the garden.

The area of ​​chrysanthemums, lilies, medicinal plants, onion plants, and coniferous trees and shrubs is also impressive.  To separate the different parts of the garden, hedges of boxwood, Myrtus and barberries have been placed.

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Kolah Ghazi National Park

Kolah Ghazi park and its wildlife sanctuary have located in the southeast of Isfahan and the main Isfahan-Shiraz road passes through its northern and western sides.

The area of ​​Kolah Ghazi national park is 47,262 hectares and the area of ​​its wildlife sanctuary is 3,574 hectares.

Due to special conditions, the Kolah Ghazi area has been a wild habitat for a long time. As it is mentioned in history, from the time of Shah Abbas Safavid (The ruler of the time) and after that, especially in the Qajar period, these mountains were considered as hunting grounds for kings.

In the late nineteenth century, Massoud Mirza (Zol al-Sultan), the eldest son of Nasser al-Din Shah, who ruled Isfahan for many years, mentioned Kolah Ghazi park in his book as a rich and impressive hunting ground.

So far, 17 species of mammals, 44 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, and one species of amphibians have been identified and registered in this park. Goat is the hallmark animal of the park and deer also has a good population due to the vast plains in this park.

Ghomishloo National Park

Ghomishloo national park, with an area of ​​113,000 hectares located 45 km northwest of Isfahan is important due to its special habitat value and the existence of castles and historical monuments related to the Qajar period (dynasty era).

Qajar princes often used to hunt and one of their favorite hunting grounds near the city of Isfahan was the Ghomishloo camp.

Zol al-Sultan used to hunt in this area and he had turned it into his hunting ground.

The closest urban point to Ghomishloo park is the city of Tiran in the south of the region.

Parts of the park (mostly west) are plains and other parts are mountainous. Scattered irrigation routes are also available in the area to be used in sparse seasons.

In this area, plains with various dimensions are located among the mountains and are the main source of food for animals.

 So far, 2 amphibians, 82 birds, 32 reptiles, and 37 mammals have been seen in Ghomishloo national park.  

Zayandeh Rud Recreational Village

In Zayandeh Rud recreational village, there are 245 hectares of green space, half a hectare of greenhouses, and 124 plant species.

This recreational village is located next to Chadegan city (Isfahan province) and overlooks Zayandeh Rud dam lake and its distance to Isfahan is 120 km.

This beautiful village is 2160 meters above sea level and with a cool mountainous climate, is about 6 degrees cooler than Isfahan and in summer, attracts many tourists.

Zayandeh Rud dam lake, which has an area of ​​54 square kilometers and is the largest in the region, has added to the uniqueness of this place.

This recreational village is in fact a safe summer resort with full recreational and welfare facilities, with a family environment.

Breathing in the fresh mountain air, walking in the natural surroundings, fishing on the lakeshore, along with entertainment activities and sports, will make a different experience for you.

Kids Game Island

Kids game island is mostly An entertainment center in Isfahan, intending to create fun and educational activities for children.

Painting room, sand garden, handicraft and origami room, playroom, and creative show empower children’s creativity and initiative.

There is also a kids’ fishing lounge, an animal lounge, a pottery room, an exhibition, and a toy store on the island, all designed for children’s entertainment.

Parents can also use special services including counseling, guidance, and specialized sessions for the child. There is also a studio where you can take a souvenir photo of your child dressing in the clothes of different ethnicities of Iran.

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