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Most Stunning Winter Destinations in Iran | Travel Guide

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Winter destinations in any country are among the features that show the tourism potentials, especially in cold weather. In fact, four-season countries like Iran are always ready for the arrival of tourists at all times.

While many believe that winter is the season to stay home and rest, and spring and summer are the best time to travel. In the meantime, unaware that snow and ice-flavored tourism is a unique adventure. Something not many travelers get to experience.  

Even though winter tourism in Iran is not as popular as warm-seasons tourism, but the existence of pristine areas with high hospitality potential in winter can make a dreamy and memorable trip for you.

For instance, the cold foothills and heights of the north and northwest of Iran are the best winter destinations for skiers, ice climbers, and nature lovers. With all that been said, let’s take a look at the famous winter destinations in Iran:

Tehran, A Winter Entertainment Hub

The capital of Iran, Tehran, as a city located in the foothills of the Alborz mountains, is one of the most important winter destinations in Iran.

The city of Tehran has many attractions to offer in winter. Thus, Tochal, Shemshak, and Dizin are the name of the three most important winter promenades of this city. So, they are the perfect resorts for your adventurous journey to Iran in the wintertime.

Lovers of skiing and mountaineering, and winter sports, eagerly travel to these ski slopes.

Riding a gondola lift, chairlift, ski lift or climbing in fantastic snow-covered mountains are some of the activities that you can enjoy by going to these resorts.

Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is a very familiar name for professional skiers. This famous resort, located near Karaj, is the first ski piste in the Middle East and Iran. It provides excellent facilities for winter sports. Snowboarding and skiing on these slopes will make thrilling memories for your winter trip.

Tochal Ski Resort

There is a ski piste at the last cable car station in Tochal resort. In addition to winter sports, with great facilities to transport skiers like gondola lift and ski lift, there are coffee shops to drink a hot drink and enjoy the snowy scenery.

Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak facilities for skiing and other winter sports are less than the previous two options. But still, this place is a fabulous resort to spend your wintery days.

The beautiful mountains of Shemshak, along with skiing, cable cars, sleigh rides, hotels, and restaurants in the complex, make Shemshak attractive and spectacular in winter and of course in other seasons of the year (the weather is always pleasant and beautiful).

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Spectacular Mountainous Area of Ardabil

Ardabil Mountainous region, in the northwestern corner of Iran, is known for its winter sights. Ardabil province has various historical sights that can be visited at any time, but one should not miss the cold attractions here.

The most favorable attractions here include the following:

First, we can mention the frozen lake of Shourabil inside the city of Ardabil, the capital of the province.

In addition, heading to the Alvares ski resort for skiing and mountain-climbing is a great pastime.

Then you can visit the icy waterfall in the village of Sardabe in Ardabil.

The last but not least, the existence of hot springs (indoor pools) in the city of Sarein, has made this place one of the most important winter destinations in Iran, which needs more introductions.

Hot Springs of Sarein City

Sarein hot springs, in Ardabil province in northwestern Iran, are among the best winter destinations for tourists who enjoy bathing in nature. These spas are a treatment for many bones, nerves, muscles, and even some skin diseases.

Imagine immersing yourself in warm, somewhat hot water up to your neck while snowflakes are falling. Of course, it should not be forgotten that they recently installed roofed spaces and modern swimming pools over many hot springs in this area. However, open springs are still available. So, don’t miss the exceptional hot springs in nature with warm and pleasant water that boils from the depths of the earth and reaches the surface.

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Miandasht Hot Spring

Miandasht hot spring (named Ayub spa) is located in Khorasan province, 95 km from Bojnourd city, in the north of a village named Haji Abdolvahab. Although this may be true that this place is less famous than Sarein Spas, meanwhile the same reason is why Ayub spa spring is more pristine and untouched. Also, it may be interesting to know that Ayub spa is not equipped with a roof or walls around it and remains completely natural, as it was centuries ago.

In any case, during cold winter, bathing in Ayub hot spring is very beautiful. Besides, the reason for its naming is because locals believe that the tomb next to this spring belongs to Prophet Ayub (AS).

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Zrebar Lake

One of the well-known winter destinations of the Kurdistan province of Iran for many years has been Zrebar lake.

The freshwater lake of Zrebar, 3 km west of Marivan city, is a unique natural wonder. Thus, this lake is one of the most magnificent natural resources of Kurdistan. It is located at an altitude of 1285 meters above sea level. The Zrebar lake will amaze the eyes of any viewer by being among the mountains covered with Persian oak trees, wild pears, hawthorn, and almonds.

Before the development of Marivan, this lake was a few kilometers away from the city. But now it is attached to it. Also, in winter, the whole surface of the lake freezes. However, be aware that the strength of this layer is not guaranteed. So, we recommend that you enjoy it from the distance.

Another attraction of Zrebar lake is the small islands. Besides, pedal boating among these islands and in the spring and summer weather can bring you countless pleasures.

Parishan Waterfall

Parishan waterfall is one of the most enchanting waterfalls in Kermanshah province of Iran. This waterfall originates from Parishan heights near Upper Charmaleh village in the central part of Songhor city.

The scenery around this waterfall is very charming, especially in spring and summer. But the frozen waterfall of Parishan is breathtaking in cold seasons.

On one hand, the waterfall is very amazing in winter. On the other hand, do not forget that going to this place without supplies and proper equipment is dangerous.

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Ashooradeh Island & Kümüş depe

In winter you can experience different climates in the Golestan province of Iran; from high mountains to desert areas.

Among all this, one of the impressive recommended areas is Ashuradeh island. The only Persian island in the Caspian sea which has an incredible nature. You can travel there and watch majestic and free horses on that island. To do this, you must visit the port of Turkmenistan and from there travel by boat to the island.

Watching the nomadic tents and their traditional life in the “Kümüş depe” (Gomishan) area near the port of Turkmenistan will also be an interesting part of your trip as well.

Sheykh Musa Village

Sheykh Musa village is originally known as the summer camp of the locals in Mazandaran province of Iran. This village becomes filled with splendid views in winter. While these summer areas have cooler climates than neighboring cities, they also experience colder, snowier, and more glorious winters.

In this way, many urbanists want to see these magnificent snowy landscapes up close. And experience the white-covered ground beneath their feet.

The village has an Imamzadeh. But mostly, its pristine and unforgettable snowy sights, including several frozen waterfalls, make it one of the great winter destinations in Iran.

Ferdows & Boshrouyeh, Desert Cities

The most attractive deserts of South Khorasan province of Iran belong to the two cities of Ferdows (located 200 km from Birjand city) and Bashravieh (located 120 km from Tabas). A very famous historical city of Iran in the desert is Ferdows, which has the best pomegranates in Iran.

It may be interesting to know that this fascinating city is known as the city of baths. And its former name, which is “Golkhan” is written on a historical gate, (it translates to the bathhouse). Also, the old city of “Tun” stands in the historical part of the city of Ferdows. This city is a relic of the past, worth visiting .  In fact, the city of Tun is next to the city of Ferdows, as it existed before the Mongol invasion.

Likewise, in Boshrouyeh, there are also historical monuments related to different periods.

Finally, keep in mind, that traveling to the desert, like traveling to the mountains, has its challenges and you have to prepare completely in advance.

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