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Isfahan nightlife

Best Places for Nightlife in Isfahan

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Nightlife in Isfahan can be very lovely, and memorable experience for any tourist, provided you know where to go and know the sights of this historic and great city of Iran.

Isfahan has many historic sights that every one of them has an enchanting gravity for any viewer, and it is safe to say that many of these attractions are more glorious at night.

For this reason, a lot of visitors prefer to enjoy a night out in Isfahan and when it gets dark, the city looks like a big dazzling museum that you can walk to every corner of it, and astonishing and extraordinary artworks and monuments dating back to the history of the city stands out in front of your eyes.

Therefore, we suggest not to miss the beautiful nights of Isfahan and don’t stay in your hotel room, instead get out and explore.

Here are some interesting places for you to tour at night:

Visit Si O Se Pol Bridge

Sightseeing around Si O Se Pol (33 bridge) and its unique beauties is a must for all travelers in Isfahan.

“Allah Verdi Khan” bridge, known as Si O Se Pol, is a well-known landmark of Isfahan and at night has a very spectacular view.

The lighting done in different parts of this bridge as well as the reflection of lights in the water can create a very fascinating picture that you won’t see anywhere else. There are many shops and stalls around this place where you can buy a variety of juices, ice cream, and other snacks.

Another suggestion for a delightful nightlife in Isfahan is to pack a picnic meal and spend a few hours next to the park near the bridge or walk around the area.

At night, when strolling near Zayandeh Rud (river), you will see many families and tourists who have come to this place to enjoy the pleasant weather.

Appreciate Peace at  Soffeh Mountain Park

Soffeh mountain park is like the top of Isfahan and when you stand on the mountain, you will feel the whole city under your feet.

Fresh air and pleasant atmosphere of this mountain park and the unique view, make it a perfect place to enjoy alongside your fellow travelers, family, and loved ones.

Soffeh Mountain has many fans at night and if you pass in front of this place at sunset, you will see a large number of families who have come with their cars and have set up camps, to spend moments of laughter in the silence of the night.

Mountain-climbing here is advisable but if you don’t have the patience to climb, you can always use the mountain cable cars.

Also, remember that in different parts of this park, various recreational and welfare facilities have been provided for tourists and citizens.  Plus booths and shops, as well as cafes and restaurants located around this place, provide you with a variety of food and drinks, as well as playgrounds, especially for children, which allow you to have fun in a safe place.

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Walk Around New Julfa

New Julfa, Armenian quarter of Isfahan is one of the best places to visit at night.

Julfa is a historical neighborhood located in the south of the city and the Vank church and Bedkhem Church are located there.

Jolfa neighborhood had been a place of residence and income for a group of Armenians who migrated to this area during the Safavid rule (dynasty era) and today, wherever you look in Julfa, you can see the traces of Armenian culture.

Entering there, it is as if you have entered a world different from the normal life of Iranian people. Paved alleys and old houses, most of which are very old, and the location of Isfahan’s prominent churches in this neighborhood has given it a lot of prosperity.

New Julfa Square and its cafes are among the most popular places for sightseeing in Isfahan at night and many young people spend time there day and night.

There are a lot of stylish and modern restaurants, taverns, and cafes in this neighborhood that are open late so can complete your night out.

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Have a Stroll at Chahar Bagh e Abbasi Street

Chahar Bagh (four gardens) street is one of the very old streets of Isfahan, which has been known as an important passage for centuries.

The proximity of this street to various sights such as Si O Se Pol, Hasht Behesht Palace, and Naqsh-E Jahan Square, makes many tourists and travelers enjoy attractions just by walking there.

Until a few years ago, cars were moving on this street, but fortunately, today it has become a sidewalk and no vehicles enter it, which has made the street more appealing.

There are many shops and stores on Chahar Bagh street that you can visit, as well as cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops and traditional tea-houses that allow you to spend a good time in this place.

Another advantage of this street is its proximity to famous luxury hotels in Isfahan such as Parsian Kowsar hotel, Abbasi Hotel, and several other hotels at different prices.

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Enjoy Singing under Khaju Bridge

Another recognized hub of nightlife in Isfahan is the fantastic and eye-catching Khaju bridge, which is another relic from the Safavid era and has long been a place for fun and entertainment of the people of Isfahan, especially near the marvelous Zayandeh Rud that stands out with stunning architecture.

Khaju Bridge is a valuable work of art that contains a collection of paintings, tiling, and other amazing architectural elements, and its stunning night lighting has made it one of the hangouts of people after sunset.

Historical documents say that in the past, Khaju Bridge was not just a bridge to cross, and the alcove in the middle of the bridge shows that this bridge was also a temporary residence and resort for the Safavid kings, needless to say, this bridge was sometimes used as a dam.

Today, the people of Isfahan and many tourists in this city look at this bridge as a unparalleled attraction, in the evening they gather and sing under the bridge, which has now become an integral part of the Khaju Bridge.

We suggest you join this friendly gathering in the city and make your night in Isfahan beautiful!

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Nazhvan Forest Park, Nature, and Entertainment

Nazhvan forest park, located in the west of Isfahan, is great for spending time with family and friends, especially after sunset.

This magnificent forest park has many facilities such as a recreation center, playgrounds, boating area, horseback riding, swimming pool, and Chairlift.

The big aquarium of Isfahan in Nazhvan is not comparable to the world-famous aquariums, but if you want to see a shark, this is the best place in Iran.

Of course, bird garden, butterfly garden, and reptiles garden considered other natural attractions of this park, and easy access to public transportation have made Nazhvan forest park a great nightlife in Isfahan for sure.

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Finally, Naqsh-E Jahan Square

Without a doubt, Naqsh-E Jahan Square is the most significant tourist attraction in Isfahan.

This square contains a mass collection of artistic masterpieces of the Safavid era. A large square that has been the favorite spot for tourists and a place of business, especially the trade center of Isfahan, a long time ago, and most of its historical feel here hasn’t faded away entirely.

There are handicraft booths all around the square and every direction you go, you can go for an adventurous journey through the history visiting different sights like Aali Qapu Palace, Qeysarie gate, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Grand bazaar of Isfahan and Imam mosque, etc that luminous night lighting has given them a different mood.

Even though the attractions of this square must be included in your daily tour program due to the openness of historical places only during the day and the limited time of ticket sales, but if you have a craving for an enjoyable nightlife in Isfahan, we suggest do not miss strolling Naqsh-E Jahan Square and its pleasant atmosphere after dark.

A little rest in the early hours of the night and a cup of tea, ice cream, or a bowl of Ash, would be something to look forward to as well.

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