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Best Hotels in Tehran, from Luxury to Budget

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Hotels in Tehran, the capital of Iran, welcome many travelers every year. This modern city, which offers many tourist attractions for travelers, also has many hotel options, which makes choosing the best accommodation a difficult task.

In recent years, we have witnessed the construction of several stylish and luxurious hotels in Tehran, so in addition to famous and prestigious hotels, we should also mention the fashionable and newly built ones.

The best hotels in Tehran, which are mostly five-star and in some cases four-star, are located in the north, west, and center of the capital and have good access to key points of the city.

Despite what has been said, facilities and comfort are not always the priority for many travelers and the cost of accommodation is an important matter as well. Many tourists are looking to find a low-cost yet clean hotel with the most access and amnesties, so in order to choose the best hotels in Tehran, we must consider all these criteria. Here we introduce you three different categories of luxury hotels, top mid-range hotels, and budget accommodations:

Luxury Hotels

First let’s take a look at luxury hotels in Tehran that provide you with a calm, safe, secure, comfortable, and pleasant environment with the best food and facilities so that you can experience pleasant and enjoyable moments.

Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas palace hotel located in the Sa’adat Abad area (northwest of Tehran) with a tremendous view, is the third hotel in the group of Espina’s hotels that has various halls and equipped with the latest technology to hold ceremonies such as parties, events, celebrations, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and conferences.

Espinas palace hotel is considered a luxury 5-star hotel with the best modern facilities, a variety of accommodation units, and more than 14 meeting halls for ceremonies with a capacity of 1500 people in different halls and more than 40 guest rooms.

The presence of various restaurants serving all kinds of decorative dishes and delicious food, authentic Persian courses in a very stylish environment along with shops, galleries, sports space, and bowling alley are other features of this hotel.

One of the most significant features of this unique hotel, in addition to its exceptional architecture and views, is the provision of various services required for esteemed guests by capable, experienced, and professional staff.

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Espinas International Hotel

The Espinas international hotel (Known as Persian Gulf or Khalije Fars), is a five-star luxury hotel, located in Keshavarz boulevard, one of the most pleasant and attractive areas of Tehran, opened in 2009.

The hotel’s location on Keshavarz Boulevard provides easy access to Laleh Park, the museum of contemporary art, the carpet museum of Iran, Valiasr square, shopping malls, and other attractions in the capital.

This magnificent complex with  224 luxurious rooms and suites, modern amenities, and well-mannered and experienced staff and the various facilities has become very popular among the guests.

Best temperature control systems, audio, video, LCD TV, telephone, high-speed wireless internet, and access to satellite news networks, central air conditioning, etc are the features of this hotel accommodation.

Equipped halls for holding international celebrations, seminars, and conferences and elegant French, Thai, Mediterranean and traditional restaurants with a variety of tasty international and local foods and proper service are also available in this establishment.

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Parsian Azadi Hotel

Parsian Azadi five-star hotel (formerly known as Hyatt crown Tehran) is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in Tehran, which was reopened after complete reconstruction and change of decoration by foreign experts.

Parsian Azadi Hotel in the Evin neighborhood of Tehran is located at the intersection of the two main highways, Chamran highway, and Yadegar highway. This hotel has 25 floors and covers an area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters. The design and construction of this structure date back to the 1970s.

The place with 475 luxury accommodation units with appealing design and decorations on 26 floors, overlooks the Alborz mountain range and has a delightful view of the city of Tehran.

The advantages of the Parsian Azadi hotel include convenient access to Tehran international exhibition center, IRIB international conference center, Iran international conference center, and also tourist attractions such as Sa’adabad complex, Tochal ski resort, and Tehran Jurassic park.

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Novotel Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport

Novotel Hotel is one of the first airport hotels in Iran and a branch of the Accor France hotel group, which is located on the south side of the Imam Khomeini international airport terminal.

The hotel structure is built on 11 floors and has 296 high-class rooms with convenient amenities. This establishment is a very suitable temporary residence for travelers who want to change flights or need a short staying place near the airport.

This sophisticated hotel, in fact,  is located right in front of the airport and has several facilities including a spa, sauna, indoor pool, and free Wi-Fi, not to mention the convenient location away from the noises of the city has created a very relaxing atmosphere for the guests of the hotel.

All rooms have air conditioning, flat-screen TV, electric kettle, and a private bathroom with full toiletries.

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Top Mid-Range Hotels

If you are looking for a hotel that offers you moderate, yet convenient facilities at a reasonable cost, to the extent that it provides you with the suitable preparations and amnesties, four-star hotels with not too high prices are certainly the right choice for you.

Tehran Ibis Airport Hotel

Ibis hotel is one of the first airport hotels in Iran and a subset of Accor hotels in France, which started its activities in 2014 on the south side of Imam Khomeini international airport.

Since most flights at Imam Khomeini airport are during the night and this airport is connected to many airlines and reach many destinations, Ibis airport hotel is a good short time solution for most travelers.

This hotel is next door to the Novotel airport hotel and has one star less than its neighbor. The Ibis four-star hotel has been set up on 11 floors and has 196 comfortable rooms with convenient amenities.

The rooms are simple with wooden floors, doors, and walls, and the windows show a view of the airport, and all the hotel furniture, both for business and leisure trips, arranged so that guests can have delightful scenery of the airport.

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Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal is a chic apartment hotel in Tehran, located on Mulla Sadra boulevard, started its activities in 2001. The hotel is built with an integrated artistic design of Persian and Indian architecture, based on the culture and civilization of both countries on 8 floors and has 80 modern and well-equipped accommodation units.

Taj Mahal hotel is located near Hemmat highway, which makes it easy to reach different parts of the capital. The experienced staff, luxury restaurant, and unique taste of Indian food have made the Taj Mahal hotel a good host for travelers.

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Eskan Alvand Hotel

Eskan Alvand, a four-star hotel, is one of the branches of Eskan Hotels, which has more than half a century of experience in the tourism and hotel industry.

Eskan Alvand hotel is located in a cozy and quiet place on the roof of the very busy city of Tehran with a terrific view and with access to the city center, administrative, commercial, government, and private centers.

This hotel was established in 2014 on 16 floors with 64 different rooms with fabulous amenities and facilities such as French Shar Continental restaurant, Persian Shar restaurant, coffee shop, summer terrace, meeting hall, sauna, and Jacuzzi, billiard hall, laundry, and dedicated parking.

But the most prominent feature of this hotel is its proximity to the major parks of Tehran, including Ab-o-Atash Park, Taleghani Park, Tabiat bridge, as well as easy access to Vanak Square and the city center, and the Tehran international exhibition center and Milad tower.

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Atana Hotel

 4-star Atana hotel is one of the newly established hotels in Tehran that has 85 accommodation rooms, a coffee shop on the ground floor, a 2-story parking lot, 4th-floor indoor water complex, multi-purpose halls with a maximum capacity of 250 people and amphitheater with a capacity of 100 people.

Sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, Turkish bath, massage parlors, recovery room are parts of the water complex.

The hotel is approximately 3 minutes away from Valiasr street and 5 minutes away from Enghelab Street. The proximity of the hotel to Laleh Park, museum of contemporary art, Si-e Tir street, Golestan palace, etc are other advantages of the place.

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Budget Hotels

Most budget travelers and backpackers are looking for cheap and convenient accommodations that are also relatively well-kept, clean and adequate, and don’t forget that good access are especially important for those who do not want to spend a lot on commuting.

Karoon Hotel

Karoon 3-star hotel, located in the heart of Tehran on the longest street in the middle east (Valiasr street)  started operating in 1975 and is one of the oldest hotels in Tehran, which has been renovated several times. The name Karoon is derived from the Karun River, the longest river in Iran.

Distinctive features of the hotel are 3-minute access to bus rapid transit (BRT)  and 5-minute access to the subway which is very convenient for guests. Karoon hotel has 24 rooms that are equipped with accommodation facilities in three groups: traditional, VIP, and economy.

The hotel restaurant and coffee shop with a variety of Persian and French food, along with baking traditional bread section and a view of the courtyard with evergreen bitter orange trees are also very exceptional.

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Saina Hotel  

The 3-star Saina hotel in Tehran, located on Shaqaqi street, started operating in 2010. Saina hotel is built on 5 floors and has 30 rooms and suites with proper amenities. The convenient location of the hotel near Valiasr street has made it easy to access the administrative, commercial, and sightseeing centers of the capital.

If you are traveling to Tehran for business, add this hotel to your list of accommodation options.

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Mina Hotel

Mina Hotel is located in south S Mofatteh Ave and its last renovation was done in 2013. This two-star hotel has  6 floors and 75 accommodation units with suitable facilities.

The hotel is connected to Hafte Tir Square on one side and the Darvazeh Dowlat neighborhood on the other, and proximity to Kharazmi University and Taleghani metro station is another advantage of the complex’s location.

It should be noted that public parking is available near the hotel at a cost.

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Morvarid Hotel

Morvarid hotel located in the Modares highway, the heart of Tehran, is one of the best old hotels in the city, the last renovation of which was done in 2017.

The three-star Morvarid hotel has 70 rooms and suites with nice amenities and its convenient location provides easy access to Valiasr Square, metro station, administrative and commercial centers of the city.

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Eskan Hotel (Forsat)

The three-star Eskan hotel was opened in May 2008 on the Forsat avenue on Enghelab street. This hotel is a branch of Eskan accommodation hotels and has 42 rooms and suites with desirable and modern amenities.

Among the facilities of this hotel, we can mention the Continental restaurant with a live piano performance serving a variety of Persian, International, and seafood dishes, as well as a coffee shop, taxi service, high-speed internet, private parking, laundry, and experienced staff.

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