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Kashan Souvenirs

Best Kashan Souvenirs and Handicrafts You Can Find

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Kashan souvenirs are the reminders of a very old and civilized nation. People there are still thriving in their own element and creating new arts and crafts. Kashan is a historical and spectacular city in Isfahan province of Iran. City located in the heart of the desert, like an uncut cultural jewel with precious features. Beauties that some are known and others not getting enough recognition they deserve.

Kashan is an attractive city for domestic and foreign tourists and its numerous historical sites attract many travelers every year. A city is full of history, art, and wonders, and if you travel here, the memory wouldn’t be the only thing you bring back with you. The rich local culture and civilization, has created the right environment to have unique souvenirs over the years.

From handicrafts, carpets, fabrics and underlays, tiles, copper, pottery, and ceramics to delicious foods with specific recipes and distinctive names, each can be a good souvenir for the time you spent in the beautiful city of Kashan.

Here we want to introduce some of the most famous souvenirs of Kashan:

Baklava, Forever Delicious Souvenir

Sweet of “Baklava” is a delicious sweet that can be found in many cities in Iran. In each city has a different taste and aroma in Baklava . Kashan baklava is more diverse than other cities. And is filled with all types of nuts like walnut, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and cashews kernels. This baklava mostly has two types of pistachios and coconut and is sold in two models: “special” 50% and “premium” 70%.

Rosewater,  Exceptional Fragrance of Kashan Flowers

Rosewater is one of the most special souvenirs of Kashan. You may have heard the name of a tradition called “Golabgiri” (making Rosewater) in Kashan.

One of the most famous rituals of people of Kashan that is held every year. This ceremony starts from mid-May to mid-June in the two villages of Qamsar and Niasa. Rosewater is made from Damask rose “aka Mohammadi” flowers and is used in cooking foods and desserts. Rosewater is also very soothing and has a very essential rule in Persian cool drinks.

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The Herbal Distillates, Health Bottles as Souvenirs

Kashan is not only famous for its rosewater and this city has a long history of extracting distillates of various medicinal plants such as Bidmeshk (burdock), mint, orange blossoms, etc, some of them very unknown, but still can be exceptionally useful remedies and effective for your health.

Kashan Cookies, Unforgettable Souvenirs

People of every city in Iran has its own cookies. Maybe the cookies that the nation of north of Iran bake are the most famous, but Kashan cookies are very different from others.

Kashan cookies have no specific core and are made of Wholemeal flour, sugar, vegetable or animal oil, cardamom, saffron, and pistachio kernels for decoration. These cookies are low in sweetness, they stay fresh for a long time, and can be placed in a container and placed on the reception table. If you eat one of these Kashan souvenirs, you will notice that it is an oily sweet and tastes like pistachios and walnuts, and melts in your mouth. It is a tradition in Kashan to buy these cookies during Nowruz Eid.

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Pashmak (Cotton Candy), Decorating Eid Tables

You may not believe it but Pashmak (Cotton Candy) has a dear place among Kashan people and locals in Kashan eat their special cookies with Pashmak, which is a favorite ritual for them and even has an important place in the Haftsin table (the table that they put together for Nowruz Eid).

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Haji Badami, Favorable Sweet of Kashan Households

Haji Badami a small sweet that they make from egg yolk, almond powder, sugar powder, rosewater, saffron, and cardamom or nutmeg. These sweets are cooked in different cities of the central plateau of Iran such as Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Kerman, which is why most Iranians are familiar with it.

Haji Badami of Kashan is slightly different due to the use of pure rosewater in it and cooking traditionally. This sweet is very popular because of its low sweetness and there is always a bowl of Haji Badami next to the tea tray in every house in Kashan.

Kashan Carpet; The Glorious Legacy of Iran Land

Kashan carpet is the most famous carpet in Iran and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The people of Kashan produce 70% of Iranian carpets and produce Iranian carpets that are famous all over the world. Artists make Kashan carpet so delicate in texture. And you can recognize the details of the patterns well. They create the design of patterns of flowers, leaves, and branches of trees, animals, and historical events.

Not to mention that the rich history of the city in the field of weaving the best hand-woven carpets in the world and the use of natural designs and colors have made carpet become the most valuable souvenirs of Kashan.

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Kilim and Jajim;  Colorful Handicrafts of Iranian Artists

Kilims are rugs that they make out of wool and are people weave them on a special hangers. Jajim is also a mat like a kilim but has no fur. Kilim and Jajim are very colorful and have decorative designs and their price is much less than a carpet.

Pottery; Souvenirs Dating Back to Ancient Civilization

The first pottery wheel in the world was found 4,500 years ago in Kashan and pottery in Kashan is more than 7,000 years old. This long history is enough for pottery to belong to Kashan more than anywhere else, not just as a souvenir but part of its identity.

Pottery makers create Kashan potteries with different designs and shapes decorated with natural colors. They make patterns that are among the most valuable works in the world. unfortunately the world have not recognized the attention they deserve.

“Shar Bafi”, Handmade Silk Fabrics

Shar Bafi is the art of making handmade fabric woven from silk in Kashan. These fabrics have very eye-catching colors and are simple or stripped. Shar Bafi in Kashan is a 350 years old art. Several people in Kashan still use their Shar Bafi workshops in some corners of the city.

Giveh, Traditional Footwears as Souvenirs

Footwear of Giveh is a  type of very sturdy traditional shoes that, unlike modern footwear of nowadays, are durable and keep your feet safe. This art of “Giveh Bafi” (the art of making handmade shoes) is common in many cities of Iran. But some cities and regions of Iran have a special reputation in its production.

Naslaj village is one of the counties of Niasar in Kashan. The center of weaving, and next to each house, you can find a Giveh Bafi workshop. Giveh consists of two parts, the surface, and the bottom;  Many old men in this village still do the weaving Giveh in their small workshops. The women gather together and weave the surface part.

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Coppersmith; Souvenirs of Kashan Artists

Do not forget to visit the coppersmith’s market. You will see the work of skilled coppersmiths up close. Plus you can watch and buy artistically hand-made copper utensils as souvenirs. These dishes not only give a special charm to your home, cooking food in them is very useful.

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