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Top Things to do in Qeshm in 2 Days

Top 5 Things to Do in Qeshm in 2 Days

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Qeshm, also the largest island in the Persian Gulf is one of Iran’s most enchanting regions. The island is dolphin-shaped and filled with natural, geological history and a wonderful diversity of wildlife. Due to the influence of conquering Dutch, French, and Portuguese, this island benefits from unique human history and energetic culture. With so many things happening in Qeshm, this is a perfect place to experience. If you are planning to visit Qeshm, you do not necessarily have to spend a week there. In this article, we will talk about how you can visit the best of Qeshm in 2 days. Stay tuned for Top 5 things to do in Qeshm in 2 days. 

Valley of the Stars

Qeshm in 2 Days: Valley of the Stars

Qeshm locals think a star once actually fell on this region forming the rocky shapes that make it look as though it was from another world. Indeed this magnificent valley is the product of years and years of erosion resulting from strong precipitation. The valley is formed mostly of sandstone and marl. The rock formations range from tall pillars to hollowed-out spaces and smooth, round blocks, all of which have formed beautifully canyon-like paths. The eye can create the shapes of people, hands, animals, and even Iran’s map with just a little wonder. A quick hike up to the top and you can see the multilayered rocks of the mountains jeweled with shells. Local legends believe that the Valley of the Stars is a place of spirits. With all this charm and wonder, this place is for sure on the list of places to visit in Qeshm in 2 days.

Mangroves Forest of Qeshm

Qeshm in 2 Days: Hara Mangrove forests

Another special and natural phenomenon that lies in the harsh environment of Qeshm is the mangrove forest, known locally as ‘Hara.’ The forest is an 8,000-hectare UNESCO protected biosphere zone with trees rising to around 3-4 meters in height. The mangroves are important for the environment because they provide food and a home for many animal species, particularly fish.

The tide here at the mangroves differs greatly, and at high tide, the Hara trees are partially submerged in the saltwater and appear like a floating forest out of the water. The sludgy mudflats of the river bed and the Hara’s roots can be seen during the low tide. Crabs, fish, migratory birds, and even the odd, venomous water snakes and turtles can be seen here. If you want to visit Qeshm in 2 days, Hara Mangroves Forest is a definite must-see.

Chahkooh Canyon

Chahkuh Canyon Qeshm Attractions in 2 Days

This sinuous canyon that seems to be carved into the Earth by a master builder lies in the northwest of the island. The exposed rock and plant life scarcity are very shocking and evoke a sense of wonder. The rounded edges and sharp corners of the canyon produce an imposingly proportionate symphony in the stones. You can climb to the intersection of two narrow vertical canyons and take a drink from the freshwater of a ‘chah’ (well in Farsi) which shepherds have been using for centuries. If you are interested in natural and geological phenomena, visiting the Chahkooh Canyon is a must on the list of top 5 things to do in Qeshm in 2 days.

Hengam Island

Hengam Island Qeshm in 2 Days

Hengam Island sits on the southern part of Qeshm Island. Hengam Island is known as a place where dolphins can be seen playing in the water, particularly during the early mornings between October and May. You can take a motorboat to Hengam Island (the distance is about 2 km), and the dolphins will come and swim next to your boat.

Besides the dolphins, there is plenty of wildlife at Hengam Island. Thanks to the phytoplankton in the water, it glows an enchanting blue light at night time. This is truly an amazing phenomenon to witness at different times of the year. You will also be able to see the deer all year round which is not actually native to Iran and have been brought over by the Portuguese.

Khorbas Cave

Qeshm Attractions: Khorbas Cave

The last item on your list of places to visit in Qeshm in 2 days, is the Khorbas Cave. This cave lies approximately 15 kilometers south of Qeshm Island. The cave is believed to date back to the Medes Period. There are other strange forms and figures inside the cave as well as outside it. This cave that benefits from a stunning stone architecture is surrounded by tall and short hills made of coral. The cave’s rocky walls are as tall as 20 to 30 meters and shaped like a mountain with holes inside.

There are also some man-made figures that were produced in ancient times in Khorbas Cave. There are several doors, passages, rooms, springs, and openings linked to one another inside the cave. There is a small pond at the bottom of the openings which is full of water during rainy seasons. Some historians claim that Khorbas Cave was the sanctuary for worshiping the goddess of Mithra.

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