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souvenirs from Yazd

Best Souvenirs from Yazd | What to Buy

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Souvenirs from Yazd are delicious and memorable tokes of a glorious historical city. Although all cities in Iran have delicious handicrafts and sweets, some souvenirs can be found only in Yazd. A city that is famous for its historical originality and cultural richness. So perhaps the souvenirs of this city are derived from its very ancient routes.

Since Yazd is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, knowing the souvenirs of Yazd can be one of the practical travel tips that you will learn about.

The variety of sweets in Yazd is so many. For that reason, it is not even possible to name all of them. In fact, handicrafts are very popular here and form an important part of the economy.

In general, There are different types of souvenirs in Yazd. And in this article, we go around to introduce some of the most famous ones to you. First, we start with the delicious food and then get to delicate crafts.

Yazd Qottab, Their Most Famous Sweets

One of the world-famous souvenirs of Yazd is Qottab. Usually, the skilled pastry chefs prepare Qottab in two types of traditional ones or honey flavored. Actually, Qottab consists of two parts. The outer layer, which looks like bread that fried in plenty of oil. And the inner layer, a mixture of almond powder, sugar, and cardamom.

In addition, the aroma of cardamom has given a different and interesting taste to the Yazd Qottab. So we recommend tasting this delicious sweet.

Yazd Baklava, The Unforgatable Taste

Baklava is another famous food in Yazd that is produced in different types of pistachio nuts, almond nuts, coconut nuts, funeral packaging nuts, and two-color mixed nuts.

The people of Yazd prepare these sweets with egg yolk, baking powder, oil, butter, rosewater, pistachio powder, almond powder, cardamom, powdered sugar, sugar, and water.

Special Yazdi Cake, Something Sweet and Healthy

Yazdi cake is one of the most favored souvenirs of Yazd. So they are cupcake-like cookies, of course, with a different taste. And you can find them in many cities in Iran. But Yazdi cake is one of the original souvenirs of Yazd. Often, the people of Yazd welcome their guests with these sweets in religious ceremonies.

A very fragrant, delicious, and soft pastry made with flour, yogurt, vanilla, fruit salt, eggs, baking soda, and powdered sugar.

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Haji Badam Sweets, Delicious Almond Balls

Haji Badam (means Almond Haji), a small sweet, delicious, and aromatic pastry, is another souvenir of Yazd.

So many confectioneries make Haji Badam with powdered green cardamom, almond kernels, pistachio powder, powdered sugar, flour, and melted solid oil. Although other cities of Iran have Haji Badam as well, the ones in Yazd are more famous.

These old sweets, which have roots in Yazd culture, are best with tea as a substitute for sugar.

Nan Panjereh Sweets (Mangha Bread)

Nan Panjereh Sweet (also called Mangha bread or Panjereh Khaton), is another example of Yazd souvenirs with a different appearance. So this sweet, which is at the top of Yazd’s souvenir list, is cooked with a special mold like a window (Panjereh in Farsi).

Starch, rosewater, rice flour, white flour, eggs, saffron, powdered sugar, and oil are the ingredients of this delicious pastry.

Yazd Noghl, The Sign of Fortune and Prosperity

While Noghl is produced in most places of Iran, but the tasteful people of Yazd with their special skills and innovations in the field of sweets have been able to make special Noghl of their own.  

So unlike simple Noghls, this souvenir, which has filled with different nuts and is extremely fragrant, is very rich and energetic.

Important to realize, the Noghls are special sweets for tea. Also,  in Iranian culture, it is a sign of blessing, happiness, celebration, and luck.

Ardakan Ardeh Halva, a Traditional and Nutritious Food

A type of special Halva made with Ardeh (also called Tahini) from Ardakan city in Yazd, usually, is one of the sweets present at the Persian people’s breakfast table. This Ardeh Halva is very delicious and also, very nutritious.

Authentic Ardeh halva comes from Ardakan, and is made of sugar, sesame, Ardeh, and some traditional ingredients with no chemicals or additives and is very tasty. If you travel to Yazd, don’t forget to bring back some of this Halva as a souvenir of Yazd.

Termeh, Fabrics with Traditional Designs

Many people know the city of Yazd for its fantastic Termeh fabrics. Thus, shops in all different areas of the city sell Termeh fabrics with different colors and designs such as Boteh Jaqeh, Shakh Gavazni (deer horn), Shah Abbasi, etc.

In actuality, this product, which is one of the most recognized souvenirs of Yazd, is made of silk, wool, and colored fluff.

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Zilou, Something Practical and Beautiful

If you are looking for practical souvenirs in Yazd city, we recommend Zilou, which dates back to pre-Islamic times. The center of ZilouBafi (Zilou weaving) is Meybod town in Yazd province.

Since sitting on this lightweight woven mat conveys a sense of coolness, Zilou is very popular in desert areas. So, because of this feature, it is used widely during the hot summer days.

Interesting to know that the world’s oldest Zilou is now housed in the Meybod grand mosque. In Addition, craftsmen use cotton and natural dyes such as rhubarb, walnut skin, and azure to create these artistic rugs.

All Sorts of Pottery and Ceramics

Other artistic souvenirs of Meybod city in Yazd province are pottery and ceramics. Significantly, they sell two types of pottery in this province. The first type is made of clay soil and the second type is made of white soil. In general, they offer simple and unglazed pottery, tiles, ceramics, and glazed pottery with original patterns of fish, birds, and sun to customers, both locals and tourists.

You can buy colorful and glazed souvenirs with amazing and attractive designs that are reminiscent of the culture and history of ancient Persia.

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Shamad Bafi (Ikat) and Old Craftsmanship

Other souvenirs of Yazd include ShamadBafi or Ikat, which is a craft over 800 years old. So in the past, it was made of natural silk and today it is made of viscose yarn. Warm colors such as red, purple, green, and yellow create a special charm for these marvelous fabrics.

On the other hand, the people of Yazd use something called Shamad, traditional clothing made of cotton yarn and rayon in the hot summer. Due to its coolness and lightness at night, this fabric is used as a blanket and is offered in various designs such as striped, checkered, and simple with various colors.

Shar Bafi, an Art that Should not Be Forgotten

Another traditional Yazid fabric is called “Shar” made in special old local workshops called Shar Bafi (means weaving Shar). Some wooden machines that mostly Yazd women used to operate them, but now and then, old craftsmen weave this fabric. Unfortunately, nowadays, this Yazd art is gradually being forgotten.

This woolen fabric is one of the very old and interesting souvenirs of Yazd, the texture of which has been very popular in the past. It is interesting to know that there is no specific pattern for Shar Bafi.

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Colorful Chador Shab (Night Tent)

Chador Shab (means night tent) is one of the most interesting souvenirs of Yazd. Furthermore, in Zarach, one of the cities of Ardakan in Yazd, two popular types of weaving night tents are very common.

First, it is the desert night tent, which is thick and they usually use it to transport agricultural products or livestock fodder. This is the modest and ordinary type of tent with a striped design.

The second type of night tent is used for the bed. This type of “Chador Shab”, is a very colorful tent with fascinating designs.

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